The Taking


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fluffchop 1 / 10

Unequivocally the "worst movie ever"

When IMDb used to have a forum section for each movie, people would often make the clich├ęd "Worst movie ever" post. I challenge anyone who ever made such a post to compare whatever movie they were writing about to this one.

There are no redeeming features in this film except for the tittle and genre. It is across the board awful. The dialog is atrocious. The score is horrible. The script is nonexistent.

I can't fathom how this could ever have been made let alone distributed. It can only be because it's a great title for a horror film. Anyone who actually watched it would just be dumbfounded at what they had just seen.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

More indie woodland nonsense

THE TAKING is another dreadful indie horror flick that consists of people running around in the woods while being pursued by overactors. It's about a young couple who find themselves the victims of a creepy woodland family and who must strive to escape. There's some style here and the high resolution visuals make it look better than expected for an indie flick but I can't help but feel this would have worked better as a short.

Reviewed by Bernard Lee Crawford 1 / 10

This is SO bad I will review another movie!

I was astonished to see this movie rated this high so I felt it a necessity to add my 1 out of 10 stars to the tally. I have watched nigh 1000s upon 1000s of films, many low budget and I have yet to find a match for this one.For as bad as "Manos, the Hands of Fate" was at least it was laughable. This movie does NOT exhibit one redeeming quality what o ever. Stay away and save the time out of your life this would have sucked away!

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