The Starving Games


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Maiara Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot
Cody Christian as Peter Malarkey
Diedrich Bader as President Snowballs
Lauren Bowles as Effoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ilikeimdb 5 / 10

Of course it's bad! But it's very funny in places

What does one really expect regarding this kind of spoof outing? The Hunger Games is certainly an above-average target given how serious it takes itself. What's too bad in terms of the humor used in The Starving Games is the amount of low-brow fart/elimination/kick-to-the-nuts stuff that seems to show up in lowest-common-denominator humor. Yes, it's a bunch of sight gags, but many are fun and well-done. The leads are pretty/handsome and very well matched to the characters in the Hunger Games. I imagine this movie benefits from lots of beer with some amount of you won't starve while watching this outing and a bit of judicious inebriation will certainly help elevate this movie.

Reviewed by zianimustafa 4 / 10

a nice movie but not that funny

I saw this one Recently i d'ont like it very mush. Frankly, it was not a big film but even less than average. Technically the movie was a joke and Artistic It was average. I laughed a little when watching the movie. The black point was the bad acting and an maybe the average directing. 4/10

Reviewed by ahmed elshikh 1 / 10

Why do I spend effort in reviewing a movie that didn't spend effort in ANYTHING ?!

With a career of all horrible comedies, how come that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are still in business to this day ?! It could be the most confusing mystery in the modern history !

While The Starving Games (2013) is a parody of a weak movie named The Hunger Games (2012), it's weaker than it. Rather, it hit the bottom of "weakness", whether as a comedy, or as a movie !

Saying that it has laughs is like saying that there are birds in space. There is no fun to be seen. It's like a horror of weird stuff, shown successively, with the least talents. Actually there is something creepy about poor movie that enjoys mixing blood, farts, bad jokes, terrible bore, and cinematic primitiveness !

While making a comedy needs vitality and sharpness, this one is ruled by laziness and dullness. For little example, look how the heroine runs haphazardly into The Expendables, The Avengers, and The Lord of The Ring's leads. It's a pathetic way to mock at these movies, especially when the result is always dry micro-sketches that have no smart line, no stars as cameos, and no criticism for any ironic fault in these very movies !

At one moment, the heroine's colleague has a deep wound in his back, which the movie oddly focuses on its sticky repulsive sight. And at another no less repulsive moment, the heroine spits heavy blood. Then, the movie loves the 2 moments to the extent of showing them AGAIN in the blooper reel. Let alone that there is more than one scene for human and animalistic excretion. Well, in my book, when a movie succeeds in making you nauseated; then it's not a comedy at all !

And while it pocks fun of an action, how come that it's more violent than it ?! Seriously, the original movie doesn't have half of this parody's violence where many killings, by arrows or spears, are shown shockingly and bluntly. You can argue that this is a black comedy. But according to the movie's lQ; it's color blind !

It even ends abruptly, like it's a sudden death !

But still one matter that kills me. Why repeating the shots ?? I mean, the catatonic mother, the sequence of beating the competitors by different weapons, the copious unchangeable cadres of President Snowballs, his assistants, and the stage's wealthy viewers while they're watching the games… Why to repeat all of this FOR ALL THE TIME ??!! It's an agony before being another source of stupidity !

Trying to be objective here, and find any positive points to talk about, needs superpower, but I'll try : Maiara Walsh and Diedrich Bader have charisma, and delivered something close to good performance. The first scene of President Snowballs, with the goofy introduction and speech, was the only time where I smelled "effort". Bringing up matters like the degeneration of some reality TV shows, and begging sequels by simply adding a lesbian love story in other shows, was into the point satire. Else that, and with all the superpowers in the world, you won't find an extra iota of positiveness in this !

The Starving Games is ugly and sanguinary comedy that has no comedy in the first place. So how come that Friedberg & Seltzer are paid money for making comedies with nothing funny like that, while – notice well – others have to pay for watching that itself ?!!

As for my title's question, the answer is : "It's my fate". And as for the rest of my questions concerning Friedberg & Seltzer.. I have no answer whatsoever !

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