The Spiritual Boxer


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phillip-58 7 / 10

A knave come good

Brian Camp, as usual, reviews this film very well but it is more fun than he makes it sound. Wang (Wong) Yu is very likable and the storyline is strong and interesting. I found the final fight against the robbers more convincing than he did, with Wang's original master urging him on to use the correct counter style from the side lines. He is actually saved in the end by the police and unusually he doesn't fight the main villains including the versatile Fung Hak On (who doesn't really get to show his fighting skills). I also want to mention the humour which apart from the usual unbelievable not recognising the beautiful girl as man joke, is quite good and well handled - particularly in the funny exorcism scene. I really enjoyed this film and though it's not a classic, as Lau Kar Leung's directorial debut it showed real promise.

Reviewed by poe-48833 9 / 10

To be taken with a grain of salt...

THE SPIRITUAL BOXER opens with a brief cameo by two Shaw Brothers superstars, Ti Lung and Kuan Chen Tai: they demonstrate their invincibility to weapons like swords and guns by hacking at themselves, repelling spear thrusts and- a la the misguided Martial Artists who led The Boxer Rebellion- a firing squad. When the firing squad levels both men and their Master, it looks like director Liu Chia-Liang is once again belaboring the obvious- but then the three men spring to their feet, unhurt. It's an odd scene not only because it's so misleading (suggesting that Kung Fu IS a good defense against firearms), but because it also has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that follows (and, in fact, contradicts the entire premise of the movie). Neither Ti Lung nor Chen Kuan Tai are seen again in the movie. While it's superbly directed (and the production values most impressive), THE SPIRITUAL BOXER is uneven, although Wong Yu is good as the con artist who uses "magic" to assume the guise of various Kung Fu gods throughout.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Okay, but lacks a certain something

THE SPIRITUAL BOXER is as handsomely mounted as many a Shaw Brothers production, but the plot lacks a certain something. The hero of the piece is Wong Yue, playing a confidence trickster who employs various methods to convince audiences that he's possessed by the spirits of various gods, thus making a living from people's gullibility. After a while, he makes enemies of a gang of thugs while at the same time being asked to investigate a haunted temple.

The film is notable for being one of the first examples of the knockabout comedy genre later popularised by Jackie Chan. Wong Yue gets up to all manner of mischief with his tricks, but he lacks the genuine charisma of many of his peers. Still, there's much fun to be had with burning coals, red hot pokers and the like, although my favourite segment is the pure horror scene in a haunted building which is up there with the best of Hong Kong's black magic movies.

THE SPIRITUAL BOXER lacks the kind of well-choreographed action that we know so well from the studio's classics, but that's not to say that it's without incident. Scenes of Wong Yue getting possessed by the monkey god and the like are a lot of fun and neatly prefigure later movies like KNOCKABOUT or ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND. Fung Hark-On has a meaty role as an antagonist and there's an odd opening sequence featuring Ti Lung and Chen Kuan Tai which has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. In the end, this is a watchable movie but it's not as funny as others and doesn't have the great action of others, so it's rather an odd, middling combo.

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