The Space Children


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
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Johnny Crawford as Ken Brewster
Jackie Coogan as Hank Johnson
Russell Johnson as Joe Gamble
Raymond Bailey as Dr. Wahrman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john_vance-20806 4 / 10

Pretty goofy but a fun reminiscence

I didn't see this as a kid, but in my 50s,when it appeared as some Saturday afternoon movie.

A combination of an alien creature with atomic bombs, multi-staged rockets and communist threats kind of threw everything into one basket so this was probably a stretch even when it was made. Add to that making the main protagonists a group of children muddied it up even further.

The acting was pretty good. Since I knew Russell Johnson only as the Professor, it was fascinating to see him playing the ugly, tough guy role he was known for. Michel Ray was too dreamy-eyed and hammy, even for a kid. Jackie Coogan was fun and Peggy Webber adorable. The science, on the other hand, was pretty bad but that's to be expected. As others have noted, it was way too preachy and pie-in-the-sky. The alien was interesting but not particularly compelling.

Overall not a bad way to spend 90 minutes on a slow day, but if it's sunny outside, let it go.

Reviewed by mjptsm 7 / 10

ABC's Summer TV Series "The Whispers" is adapted from Ray Bradbury's short story "Zero Hour" and also a 1958 Movie entitled "The Space Children"

I wish ABC's Production Department would list a credit at the end of this summer series and give credit were credit is due. "The Whispers" is adapted from Ray Bradbury's short story "Zero Hour" and also a 1958 Movie entitled "The Space Children" Directed by Jack Arnold Writers: Tom Filer (story), Bernard C. Schoenfeld (screenplay) The synopsis in one tag-line: 'Slowly...and with horror the parents realized THEIR CHILDREN WERE THE SLAVES OF 'THE THING' FROM OUTER SPACE!' Sound familiar? It should, because "The Whispers" also derived (stole?) a lot of their plot line from this 1958 movie as well. In fact, many, many years ago Steven Spielberg mentioned that he liked this movie ("The Space Children"). How 'bout that, eh? "The Whispers" is quite boring with good suspenseful music that makes one feel something very important is about to happen and you will finally know and understand what is going to happen next... Unfortunately we don't, but the music score continues to tease us. Very frustrating! It's like trying to have sex... a lot of foreplay, without the resolution,the know... THE CLIMAX! They should have condensed this summer series into a two hour TV movie and give proper credits were credits are due to "Zero Hour" and "The Space Children". Mr. Spielberg?

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Sincere, but poorly executed.

The Space Children has engineer Adam Williams arriving with wife Peggy Webber and sons Michel Ray and Johnny Crawford to work and live at a government rocket facility. The USA is about to take a giant leap frog ahead of the Russians in the arms race. The next big launch is to orbit a hydrogen bomb in space directed and controlled in orbit by our Defense Department. The Russians or anyone else gets out of line and they get their's. Of course there is reason to believe the Russians are also pursuing the same type of orbiting weaponry.

A strange object, part brain, part rock lands on earth and it has a mysterious affect on the children. By children I don't mean just Ray and Crawford. Johnny Washbrook, Sandy Descher and others join in some kind of collective consciousness, a lot like the Village Of The Damned and strange things start happening around the base, including the death of Russell Johnson who is far from the wise professor of Gilligan's Island. Instead he's the mean stepfather of Johnny Washbrook and no one is really mourning his loss.

What's going on is not something I'll reveal. I will say that this film also has elements of The Boy With Green Hair and Amazing Grace And Chuck. It's a sincere film with a nice message, but poorly executed and directed.

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