The Sound and the Fury


Action / Drama

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Seth Rogen as Telegraph Operator
James Franco as Benjy Compson
Joey King as Miss Quentin
Danny McBride as Police Sheriff

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Reviewed by msmoogoo 3 / 10

I can't even

This movie is just way too artsy to be watched all the way through. I only got through 20 minutes before wanting to watch something else. James Franco acting mentally handicapped is just too much to handle, and all the child whispering. I read the book in college and was looking forward to getting reminded what the story was about, but the book is artsy, and difficult to read, and a movie about it is never going to be understood. I'm of huge fan of Franco, but, this movie should not have been made.

Reviewed by dede34-1 10 / 10


I watched this movie today in a blizzard mainly because it was a classic novel and because James Franco was in it. I never read it so I had no idea what I was in for. Right from the beginning I had a feeling of doom looming over this family. While I will admit it was very confusing there was an undercurrent that consistently led me to believe something terrible was about to happen. The score of the film took one even deeper into this morose feeling. When it was over I actually felt ill and had a raging headache. Now I must read this novel. I feel this alone makes this film earn a ten star rating.

I feel Mr Franco was successful in allowing you to peer into the subconscious of the characters and let your mind fill in the fine details. I suppose this is the way it was written. This film took me someplace I did not want to be but I could not turn away. I found it fascinating and am looking forward to reading the book.

Reviewed by eddie_baggins 2 / 10

Couldn't have been done better!

You could say many things about James Franco and most of them are probably right in their own ways, but one thing I will say about the actor, writer, director, author and whatever other hat he sometimes dons is that the man is certainly determined. Seemingly never taking a break from his many on the boil productions, Franco has once more enlisted the help of his Hollywood friends in his directional adaption of yet another famed novel (following on from As I Lay Dying and Child of God) in the form of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.

With this never far from depressive dramatic telling of the trials and tumults of The Compson family in the south of America in the 1920's, you can see as a positive that Franco is improving as a director. Where his work on Child of God and As I Lay Dying often felt like a slightly better budgeted college movie, The Sound and the Fury does seem more cinematic but no amount of cinematic gloss can help cover the fact that Franco's many varied flaws as both a performer and storyteller are on show worse than ever here with The Sound and the Fury, that acts as a borderline incomprehensible adaptation of Faulkner's no doubt tricky material.

Segregated into three distinct chapters each dedicated to a separate Compson sibling, Franco's opening half hour stanza that focuses almost exclusively on his own portrayal of mentally challenged Benjy is some of the most nigh on unwatchable filmmaking you're likely to see, with a combination of Franco's grunting, bottom biting and dribble fuelled acting (which pays little to no attention to Robert Downey Jr's sound advice to Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder) and shoddily put together flash forwards and flashbacks mixed in with unnecessary narration, killing the film before it ever even really began. The film does pick up slightly as the focus turns to Benjy's other flawed siblings but never once does Franco and his team win us over to care or be invested in what plights these no hopers are going through.

It's hard to know whether Franco is intentionally churning out so-so, or with the case of this film dire adaptations for the sake of it, to have a laugh at the audiences expense or he to in his own mind show his a real 'filmmaker" but watching The Sound and the Fury makes one question how much longer he can get away with it for and if I were to offer up any advice to the busy auteur, it would be to please go back to cameoing in Seth Rogen stoner comedies as it's a whole lot more tolerable and a lot less embarrassing for all concerned.

1 set of false chompers out of 5

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