The Social Network


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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Dakota Johnson as Amelia Ritter
Armie Hammer as Cameron Winklevoss / Tyler Winklevoss
Rooney Mara as Erica Albright
Rashida Jones as Marylin Delpy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine 7 / 10

I'm thinking of deleting my facebook account, don't know if that's what the movie was aiming for

Wow, seriously, last year I thought I was robbed because I didn't get to see The Social Network in the theater. The way some users were describing this film as "the defining movie of our generation" I thought I was missing the next "Godfather". I was trying to wait to buy the film on pre-view over at Blockbuster because again with the hype I assumed I would probably love the film, but I caught it on a movie channel this morning and have to say while it's definitely a good movie, I really hope this isn't the defining movie of my generation. The Social Network is loosely based on the rise of Facebook, the world's most popular website and IMO the fall of society. I'm sure it had good intentions in the first place as it was awesome to keep in touch with my college friends back in 2004, but it's gone down hill since then. But to the movie's credit, we are blessed with some pretty good actors, fast editing and a really interesting story. I think that's what really saved this movie from being just another addition to this hot trend.

In 2003, Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg is dumped by his girlfriend. He returns to his dorm drunk and writes a scathing blog entry about her. This inspires him to create an on-campus website called Facemash which allows users to rate the attractiveness of female students using photographs pilfered from various university systems. FaceMash's popularity and the fact that Mark created it in one night while drunk brings him to the attention of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and their business partner Divya Narendra. Mark approaches his friend Eduardo Saverin and tells him of his idea for what he calls "The facebook", an online social networking website exclusive to Harvard University students. Eduardo agrees to help Mark, providing $1,000 to help start the site. Starting the rise and rise of the popular social network site Facebook.

Jesse Eisenberg as Mark I thought was what really stepped the film back from being a perfect film, he's a good actor, but doesn't have the charisma to make Mark likable and talked way too fast for average movie goers to understand half of what's going on. That does damage in reviews, because if people understood it, they automatically mark that as they are intelligent, not to go onto that rant, but just a pet peeve of mine. I read The Accidental Billionaires and Mark seems like a very nice guy who wanted to create something very good and seems like a pleasure to meet in real life. Jesse plays him off too much as a shy nerdy jerk who's just too greedy at times. Justin Timberlake playing Sean Parker, he's good enough, he seems to really enjoy playing what I would assume Sean to be like since he almost took down the music industry in the 90's. Justin plays him cool and really proved to that he can both talents in the music and acting industry.

Is The Social Network the best film of 2010? Depends on your taste, my favorite contender is still The Black Swan. However, this film does deserve it's praise mainly for David Finch and his vision. His fast pace with the film was what kept it going and his passion for the story was what really grabbed me. Though I know not to take this for a biography, I don't see why they couldn't stay a little more true to the story, though from what I understand, Mark is a very private manÂ…ironic. I would recommend The Social Network, it will be apart of film history to describe our era in computers, however, I don't think it's our generation's defining film as many have described. Just don't believe the hype, I found it good just to watch it once.


Reviewed by jethrofranklin 4 / 10


Bit behind but still.. the film "The Social Network" annoys me, "based on a true story" that really made it seem (after multiple accusations) that Zuckerberg didn't steal the whole idea of facebook and that he really had it hard to get there. Who's to say the two people, supposedly trying to steal his idea in the film, didn't create it and the way they were portrayed as arrogant money-grabbers is unfair, who's to say Zuckerberg wasn't the idea thief, the arrogant money grabber. Whom, now he has all the money decides to further discredit the other two by funding a film about himself. He's already proved himself as the arrogant one.

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 9 / 10

The director is the real star here! (no spoilers)

This is one of the movie I had on my watch list for a long time and which I wanted to see almost ever since it came out. I only had the chance now because I wanted to watch all the movies from the 2011 Oscar highlights list. The Social Network tells the story of the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and how he created Facebook and later dealt with the problems it raised.

This movie is directed by David Fincher and it can be seen from almost the first shot. The cinematography and the pace of the movie reminded me most about Fight Club because this is mainly Fincher's style of movie making. This movie was a blast from start to finish. I was captivated and drawn into the story from the first couple of scenes. The movie is not shocking or with a lot of twists and turns but the way is directed feels like a live experience. This movie is 2 hours long but it felt almost like an epic of 3 hours because the pacing was somewhat fast and there were a lot of things happening in it. First of all the performances were all top notch especially from Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. The cinematography beautiful along with the directing which in my opinion should have won David Fincher the Oscar. The story is very realistic and extremely well told, I mean it captivated me even though there were no plot twists or CGI extravagance and props to the screenwriter for that. The only reasons I'm not giving this movie a 10 are 1. The poster for this movie is in my opinion misleading in a way that makes you think that the movie will be about how unsafe Facebook can be at times but the movie is almost about something completely different. 2. Some of the politics and laws were way to complex exposed in movie and it was hard at times to keep up with all of them. 3. The score was a big let down. Now, I know David Fincher wasn't renowned for being a director who utilizes music score very much to enhance the quality of the movie (example Fight Club) but this score won an Oscar that year and compared to Inception's score (which is the only one I know from the nominees that year) is completely underwhelming. I can't understand how they didn't gave the Oscar that year to Danny Elfman or Alexandre Desplat or other composers who I think did a better job than the composers for this movie did.

Overall: A very interesting and captivating movie with terrific performances, great direction but with a slightly misleading poster that made me believe the movie was going to be about something else, some hard law science and poor score. 9/10

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