The Snow Queen 3


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charlotte Shornalee Giibson 8 / 10



It's really funny how someone can comment on how bad a movie is, yet most probably couldn't film one to save their lives.I would personally disregard any negative review about this movie. I quite enjoyed the animation as much as some of the story line could have been more intense or detailed. This sequel had a few comparisons to the Disney movie, Frozen but as I previously stated the story line could have been handled a little bit better and some of the animations could have been a little bit tidier. Aside from all of that, the movie is quite captivating.

Reviewed by maxsokol-10974 8 / 10

I really recommend this animated feature film!

Being the third part of Snow Queen franchise The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice has gained and improved its own graphic style and has gotten better in visual effects. I really enjoyed the fantastic scenery the story developed in, all those mountain gorges, snow avalanches, volcano eruptions, a pirate ship skiing in magnificent landscapes and a train made of ice.

The thing I also liked is that although being a sequel The Snow Queen 3 is independent from other parts and if you haven't watched the previous ones it is not a problem at all. You can start watching this part and enjoy it not knowing the previous stories.

As for the message of the animation the story tells about vital things: the importance of being a family, the choice everyone makes between good and evil and that everyone should treasure their relations. These themes are important for our children and it is good that animated feature films touch these things in their plots. The final fight scene is very impressive and the evil has been defeated.

As for the weak points the thing I lacked is some well memorized and catchy song although the music of The Snow Queen 3 is impressive.

Reviewed by Shush 8 / 10

I really enjoyed the movie and I wish you to enjoy it too!

The Snow Queen sequel even exceeded all my expectations! I think that the third movie is much better than the second one. After the spin- off about Orm, it was great to see Gerda as a protagonist again – it was especially nice to see how much her looks have changed. She has noticeably grown up and is truly about to rank among Disney's gorgeous princesses. As for the screenplay, Robert Lence was involved in the process of its creation – he is a real master of the American animation and he has worked on dozens of large projects. The results of this collaboration are easy to see: the movie has acquired a good pace and the alternation of lyrical pauses and breath-taking action is done really well – you will surely neither get bored with nor get tired of the movie! The authors tried to tell us how valuable one's family is and that the most important thing in life is having someone to be there for you when your life gets hard. The movie also says that you should never just throw people out of your life and it is never too late to say sorry. The animated movie has plenty of complicated scenes with various visual and sound effects. You can see avalanches going down the mountains, explosions, volcano eruptions, lava leaking through all the cracks, multicolored magic bursts, an armored train of the purest ice, a ship put on skis. Quite a lot of views worth seeing! I really enjoyed the movie and I wish you to enjoy it too!

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