The Single Moms Club


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Amy Smart as Hillary
Ryan Eggold as Peter
Terry Crews as Branson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by melodyfears 4 / 10

So-called film about women, made by a man

This - according to the blurb, is a film about women coming together, formed by a bond of all being single mums. Unfortunately, it being a male writer and director, strong independent women aren't allowed to stay single for long, it seems, and all they really need to be happy and content is for a man to come into their lives EVERY SINGLE ONE of the five lead characters found the happiness they were missing in their lives when a new man comes along - i.e. being a single mom was an unempowering situation, and now they have a testosterone-fuelled bloke to look after them, everything is rosy. Really?!! Is this really what men think about female solidarity? That they're only doing it in lieu of having a man in their life? Really? I hoped we'd moved on from that a long time ago.

Reviewed by Davis P 7 / 10

Cute fun time

Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club is cute and fun to watch. This is the kind of film you can rent on a free weeknight or weekend and just sit back and enjoy yourself. The acting in this movie is very good and the characters are very The acting in this movie is very good and the characters are very well written, they fit the actors. Wendi Covey is absolutely hilarious and I just laughed my head off whenever she was saying a line or just on screen, she really brought a lot of the comedy and carried a lot of the comedic material in the film. Nia Long was actually very good and I loved her character! Amy Smart was all right, but I did feel like parts of her performance were a bit lazy. I think Amy tried, but I don't think she completely succeeded with her performance overall. I think Tyler Perry did a pretty good job of writing funny and interesting dialogue between the ladies, they all had good friendly chemistry with each other, you could really see the obvious strong bond between them all. I liked the individual story lines, and I thought that they intertwined well. There were some lines that were a little bit cheesy and a couple of performances that seems kind of hammy, but they were pretty far and few in between. I enjoyed seeing Terry Crews make an appearance here, he was funny and created an interesting dynamic. Cocoa Brown is just awesome here! I loved her energy and just her presence in the film. William Levy is a good addition to the list of cast members, he is hot, sweet, romantic and gives a good well rounded performance. Overall, it's a cute sweet but occasionally cheesy movie. 7/10.

Reviewed by jlinn-41485 9 / 10

Just what I needed

Even though I am not a single Mom I could completely relate to this movie. I lived the life of a child raised by a single Mom and now, as an adult, can see my Mom in these ladies. She would have been in there with them, supporting, hands-on, and struggling.

I really enjoyed the personalities of these characters and felt like I wanted to know them. The subject matter in the film is serious but the way these women come together and learn from one another is inspiring. It makes me feel happy and hopeful. I hope there truly are women out there that are able to support one another through the trials and hardships, dreams and laughter. This is the first Tyler Perry film I have seen. I will be checking out more of them hoping that they are as heartwarming as this was for me.

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