The Siege


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Denzel Washington as Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard
Bruce Willis as Major General William Devereaux
Wood Harris as Officer Henderson
Chris Messina as Corporal
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Reviewed by sddavis63 8 / 10

With 911 Now As The Backdrop There's An Almost Prophetic Feel To This

I have to say that, to me, there's an almost prophetic feel to this movie, looked at 20 years after it was made. The story is fairly simple. As it opens, the US military captures the leader of a terrorist group in the Middle East. In response, cells of the terrorist group begin a series of random attacks on New York City to try to win his release. We then follow the FBI, the CIA and the military (portrayed basically by Denzel Washington and Tony Shalhoub, Annette Bening and Bruce Willis respectively) as they try to identify the various cells and regain control of the situation. That's the story. It's straightforward in some ways (and, at times, I also found it a bit confusing.) The performances by those four were pretty good - although I thought Willis wasn't really given enough to do. As far as story goes, it's a decent movie, but no more than that. But after it ended and I thought about it, I started to make some connections with the world of today.

First, and important, is that this movie was made three years before the 911 attacks on the World Trade Centre. The movie seems to be based on the premise that it would take a series of terrorist attacks to throw New York City into chaos. As we now know, all it took was one (admittedly massive) attack on September 11, 2001. But, that aside, that's where I started to see this as almost prophetic.

Second, the movie portrays a complete lack of communication and a very competitive relationship between the various organs of the US government: the aforementioned FBI, CIA and military. They don't co-operate, and they often seem actually to be in a sort of competition with each other, keeping secrets from each other so that, often, the right hand didn't seem to know what the left hand was doing. Again, from 911, we know that this portrayal turned out not to be that far off the mark.

Third, in the movie the ultimate response of the US government is to declare martial law and to send troops on to the streets of New York City. The rights of citizens were ignored. People became suspects because of their race or religion. Hateful comments started to fill the airwaves. Well, in the aftermath of 911 it's true that no one declared martial law. However, the US government has certainly curtailed rights through what was innocuously named the "Patriot Act," police forces seemed to become more militarized, and hatred toward various identifiable groups (especially Muslims) has taken hold of a lot of people. So, again, the movie was a bit too extreme in its portrayal of martial law, but not really that far off the mark.

So, while I may not have thought that "The Siege" was any better than decent, I did find it something that caused me to do some reflection on the current state of the world. That raised it in my estimation. (8/10)

Reviewed by gogoschka-1 8 / 10

Sadly Prophetic

It might not qualify as a masterpiece, but this film is so criminally underrated I just had to write this short review. The Siege is a dark, sadly prophetic, gripping thriller with an amazing cast. For reasons I will never understand this film was accused of having a racist message (probably by people who hadn't even seen it) although its intention very clearly is to convey anything but. But check it out for yourself; Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis are so good in this that their performances alone already make the film worthwhile. 8 stars out of 10.

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Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

High-Controversy Thriller On Homeland Terror

Movie Review: "The Siege" (1998)

20th Century Fox presents this most daring thriller on the "war-on-terror" ever-conceived by Hollywood motion picture industries to this day directed by Edward Zwick, who makes full use of the an original script by journalist-turns-screenwriter Lawrence Wright, when "The Siege" fulminate cast by casting director Mary Colquhoun (1930-2000) in favors of any supporting role contracted in a twisting-and-turning suspense-striking plot, where FBI agent Anthony Hubbard, portrayed by high-octane driving Denzel Washington, must keep fast-tracks to unfold countless threads within the City of New York initiated by "Martial Law" executed U.S. military in shapes of death-sentence pushing character of General William Devereaux, given face by never-seen-before hostile beats of utmost disciplines by actor Bruce Willis, who could have earned his first Academy-Award-nomination for Best Supporting Role in a completely Award-season-snubbed highly-visceral motion picture of countless shading grey areas of controversy, when even the love affair between a U.S. governmental official, performed by full-engagement-showing actress Annette Bening, who must question ever aspect of her professional as personal character's life, including the relationship to her Oriental boy-friend character of Samir Nazhde, here portrayed by fully-directed actor Sami Bouajila, at moments of urban bomb explosions captured in utmost of elegance-striving cinematography by Roger Deakins and 1940s U.S. homeland security threatening Japanese habits after "Pearl Harbor" recalling concentration camp scenarios here placed below Brooklyn Bridge exterior production design, when any Oriental-looking and Muslim-religion indulging inhabitant in the five boroughs of New York gets gathered for interrogation under General Devereaux command to a motion picture historical highlighted reverse-cut close-up scene between Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis in a life-or-death stand-off situation under orders-following soldier-drawn machine guns.

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