The Shack


Action / Drama / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Sam Worthington as Mack Phillips
Radha Mitchell as Nan Phillips
Tim McGraw as Willie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by missrachelsch 9 / 10

Not your typical Christian film

I am not a regular church goer, nor did I have high expectations for this film at all, and I do not cry in films, but this movie made me ball. Most Christian films fall flat and can be subjective, but this was different. I knew people who were fans of the book and highly anticipated the film, but seeing it is not a movie, it is an experience not to be missed. The values of forgiveness and true faith are challenged and as the viewer it was overwhelming. Better than any of the Oscar nominations this year.

Reviewed by (dkoonts) 10 / 10

If you loved the book...

If you enjoyed the book--you will love the movie. The movie addresses the ageless philosophical question, "Why does God let bad things happen?" It presents some theology in an unorthodox fashion--but not a heretical one. I found it more inspiring than Narnia--which I dearly love. The film follows the book closely, but not 100%. As a film and story it's not perfect--but it's very close. If you have an open mind, I suggest you see it.

Reviewed by rioplaydrum 3 / 10

It Put Me To Sleep

For real.

45 minutes in and my lids went droopy. An hour was all I could take.

Forget the fact that I am a believer. I didn't enjoy this film not because it didn't frame my belief system appropriately (it did actually), I didn't like this film because it is just plain dumb. I can not accept or rate a film favorably just because it reflects my own beliefs. It actually has to be a well developed story.

It isn't.

You'll have more fun sitting in a broken lawn chair watching a tire burn in an open field.

My first problem was the folksy and assuming narration that takes place in the first 5-10 minutes. It was completely unnecessary and condescending and made me feel as if the director assumed we'd be too dumb to follow the plot.

Next was Sam Worthington's character 'Mack'. Worthington has been in some impressive big-budget flicks but he totally bombs here. The emotional range he exhibits barley moves the needle and he speaks virtually all his lines slightly above a gravely whisper.

I wanted to slap the guy just to get a reaction out of him. His 'strong silent type' portrayal bit wore me out fast.

A close third was the ridiculously clever dialog Mack has with his children and pals before the tragedy of his youngest daughter being taken. Nobody in real life talks like that, especially not children, and I always find it tremendously irritating. This type of script has never once helped me to suspend my dis-belief.

Octavia Spencer's portrayal of God or 'Papa' was the final straw. Papa always looks very pleased with herself and bemused by Mack's troubling questions and can only answer back in riddles or questions of her own with a big fat sickening smile.

That's when I said 'That's it' and walked out of the nearly abandoned theater (there were only two other customers) and into the early afternoon daylight.

Slow as a snail, dull, uneventful, and as I said before, just plain dumb.

The only people that are going to rate this film favorably are terrified of making God mad. Yeah, well He's had a load of me over the years and I'm still here.

You could never get me to watch this again.

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