The Seven-Ups


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
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Roy Scheider as Buddy - Seven-Up
Joe Spinell as Toredano
John Aprea as Killer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexanderdavies-99382 7 / 10

No "French Connection" but still good.

"The Seven Ups" is a slightly under-rated film. It is bound to be compared with the superior "French Connection" but is still worth a few viewings. The above film has some of the same people that were associated with "The French Connection," both in front of and behind the cameras. Roy Scheider is ideally cast as the boss of an unorthodox team of police officers who target the various gangs of New York. He should have been given more leading man roles. Tony LoBianco is very good as a police informant. As before, the film was shot during winter time and it works. The customary car chase is included and it doesn't disappoint. A minor classic.

Reviewed by dumdummcelravy 8 / 10

Has nothing to do with the popular soft drink

From the same producing team that gave us THE FRENCH CONNECTION comes this tough but rather tame police drama with Roy Scheider as Buddy Manucci, the leader of a team of undercover cops who try to solve a case involving the kidnappings of criminals in exchange for stolen mob money and most of the suspicion of Buddy's childhood friend Vito (Tony Lo Bianco).

Though most of the film is more on dialogue scenes and suspense and not a lot of action, it makes up for the second best car chase in movie history with lead bad guy Bill Hickman leading Buddy on a hair-raising pursuit throughout the city. Though the chase is structured somewhat like BULLITT, it's actually more heart-stopping compared to the latter.

Worth a look.

Reviewed by Lechuguilla 5 / 10

Of Thugs And Mobsters

A kidnapping, a spooky carwash, grungy locations, and a long car chase all figure into this cop film about an elite group of NYC policemen, known as the "seven-ups", who pursue criminals whose crimes warrant prison time of seven years and up.

The script seems perfunctory and indifferent, with too many villains, and not enough differentiation between them. It's hard to tell who's doing what to whom. The only clarity is in the lead detective named "Buddy" (Roy Scheider) and a couple of his detective partners. Beyond that, most of the other characters seem to blur into each other. Some are organized mobsters; others are just freelance thugs, at odds with each other.

At the plot's midpoint, the director introduces what is arguably the big highlight of the film, an urban car chase that goes on for an incredible nine minutes. Complete with screeching tires that never go flat despite tearing into objects and automobiles, the chase has Buddy pursuing a couple of thugs at unrealistically high speeds. The reason for such a lengthy chase is not clear, but the POV shots from inside the cars make for an interestingly vicarious ride.

On-location filming is terrific, and by far the best element. Cinematography is acceptable; colors are muted. This film contains very long scenes, which give depth to the characters, but also slows the film's pace. Acting is average. Roy Scheider would not have been my choice to play the role of Buddy. The casting problem with the villains relates more to script problems than to the actors. Intermittent background music is interestingly eerie.

The best that can be said of this somewhat dull movie is that it does evoke a specific place and time in American history, the late 60s and early 70s in urban America. The grit and roughness of the characters and locales convey a heightened realism that's not possible with current CGI effects. Apart from that, "The Seven-Ups" is a fairly formulaic story about big city cops and robbers.

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