The Secret of Marrowbone


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by S. Soma 8 / 10

Family is everything.

Opening Scenes Preview:

MARROWBONE opens with a narrating voice, who we soon discover is the character Jack, describing the arrival of his family at their new home. We are told that they have come a very long way, across an ocean, and that they have endured many difficulties to arrive at what they hope will be a safe haven for them. There are 5 in the family; Jack, the eldest, Billy, Jane, Sam, the youngest who seems to be about five years old, and Rose, their mother. The choice of this home was not an accident; we are told that it was Rose's childhood home and has been standing empty for 30 years.

Apparently the family's life to this point has been horrific because Rose draws a line in the dust on the floor and proclaims that once they cross it, their lives will begin anew in all ways and that they will forget their former life altogether. They even change their surname to MARROWBONE.

But we are given to know that the past may not allow itself to be forgotten. There are references to a "he" and a "him" that casts a shadow over the family and their new life, and there is the possibility that "he" could become more than a terrifying possibility.

But the family settles in to their new home and life soon seems idyllic. Wherever this house is, the shore of the sea is close at hand. Even though they have no close neighbor, they do make a new friend, a young girl named Allie, a very friendly kindred spirit, who immediately seems to become "one of the family". The carefree, sunny summer days slide by.

Sadly, there is more than one shadow upon the family. Rose has an unnamed disease, and the trip from England has taken her last bit of strength to fight against it. As she lies upon her death bed, and in private, she gives Jack her last instructions and important points on how to care for the family in her absence. Rose is to be buried in the garden at a place she has already specified. Jack must do his best to keep the family secret and hidden until he turns 21 or they will be split apart. Have a safe place in case "he" finds them. Lastly, there is a tin container holding a large sum of money that Rose took from the shadowy "he". Jack is shocked at this last item because Rose apparently lied in court to keep it. But before he can object he sees that Rose, his mother, is gone. The last of her instructions Jack reads aloud to the family from a note left with the tin of money.

The four children proclaim an oath of unbreakable family bonds literally over the body of their mother, swearing that "nothing and no one" will ever be permitted to tear the family apart.

But as luck would have it, not long after Rose's death, the terrifying "he" becomes far more substantial. He announces his presence by firing a shot through a window next to Jane from all the way across a meadow. In stark terror, Jane shrieks for Jack.

But in the very next scene, which we are told is 6 months later, everything seems to be fine, surprisingly. Aside from an annoying legal representative whose pointy-headed inquisitiveness perpetually threatens to "out" the hiding family, things seem to be going surprisingly well.


There is now talk of a ghost in the house. The mirrors are all covered. There is something that menaces from above the ceiling...


Very surprising to me is the fact that this is a Spanish-made movie through and through. It's filming locations were Terrassa, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and all of the credits and any subtitles are entirely in Spanish. For example, "six months later" appears on the screen as "seis meses más tarde". And yet the entire context of the movie is mid to late sixties America, all the dialogue is entirely in English, and absolutely no dubbing has taken place. As far as I can tell, the depicted Americana is pretty much flawless. First time I've ever seen something like this.

While others have complained of the lack of originality in MARROWBONE, as I have mentioned in other reviews, this is never a problem for me. Considering how many thousands of supernatural/horror pictures have been made by now, it's my position that it's utterly unreasonable to expect true novelty/originality of a horror picture at this point. There are very few completely novel roller coasters or firework shows in my experience, and yet I still like to ride them/see them. A well-done horror picture is a thing of beauty even if it can't be completely new. And to those who incessantly prattle about "originality", if you insist upon limiting your sense of pleasure to only new experiences, do make a point of never getting married. You will be sharply disappointed.

So, no, you will see nothing entirely original in MARROWBONE, but the execution of these tropes was so well done that I didn't catch on until late in the game. Additionally, there are many plot points that specifically support some of the more difficult-to-believe story elements, in contrast to the many horror pictures whose plot lines collide with their tropes, leaving large holes. When you find yourself disbelieving the lengths to which Jack will go to keep the family "together", one way or another, think back to the admonitions of Rose on her deathbed and the solemn swearing ceremony over her dead body. Jack truly was obsessed with keeping the family together. In whatever way he could...

Early on in the picture I remember thinking that the character Allie, while not exactly beautiful, most certainly has a face and personality that would be virtually impossible not to love. The fact that the very, very ending of the movie is incredibly sweet and utterly unrealistic is entirely in keeping with that thought. Exceptionally charming, I also thought sadly, "Well, THAT would never happen."

If utter originality is NOT your reason for living and you are able to enjoy a delicious dish more than once, you should give MORROWBONE a watch. It's exceptionally well done and has a heart wrenching, bittersweet ending.

Reviewed by weddypratama 10 / 10

Not just another ghost story, but a beautiful one

Marrowbone is best described as horror drama movie. Although the twist in the end has been used in many other movies, but the story is such beautiful one. I like all the characters in it, Jack, Bill, Sam, the sister (her name I forgot), Allie, Tom, the father & the mother, their acting are very convincing. The scenery in the small town / village is so adorable (I live in the city, as city can be boring sometimes, so maybe this movie is my weekend getaway) too.

Whoever the director is, at least she/he is smart enough to tell a story which doesn't need lots of CGI (compared to ugly Justice League -> bad story & too much cheap CGI), but always rely on the power of the characters & the plot.

Reviewed by Kapten Video 6 / 10

It is watchable, but the experience is runied by the weak finale

Four young siblings living alone in a big old house are plagued by a sinister presence which may or may not be real.

I have almost completely finished watching horror because most of it seems to be copy or variation of something else, and most of them seem to prefer cheap thrills (sudden noises, jumps etc) to the proper world and character building which is a necessary base for any kind of good story.

"Marrowbone" is derivative of other works, too, but has promise to be more than just a copycat. It concentrates on characters, environment and the atmosphere early on, slowly but steadily raising and holding the suspense, so we may have reason to care about what happens next.

In this way, it's similar to the horror guru Stephen King's style, although written and directed by some Sergio G. Sánchez.

it's the Spaniard's feature-length directorial debut but the man has written screenplays before, notably for J.A. Bayona's "El orfanato" ("The Orphanage", 2007) and natural catastrophe drama "Lo imposible" ("The Impossible", 2012).

The first half of this slow-burning 111 minute joint is promising indeed. Finally, a rare horror with its own clear strong voice, I thought, already comparing it to the best I've seen such as M. Night Shyamalan's "The Sixth Sense" or Alejandro Amenábar's "The Others".

The dark, moody atmosphere is effective - genuinely creepy - and there are no cheap tricks to "prove" anything to shallower part of audience who would ask for fast thrills.

If I remember correctly, the first "unnatural" moment arrives late, maybe around 50 minutes in, which is also similar to King's best horror.

Sánchez is able to use well-known cliches well, and the movie looks amazing in its old-postcard-way. I would give the result a much higher score were the story deeper.

It is understandable that the author only had two hours, which is not a lot. But the development of event does feel shallow and jumpy, and when the revelations about what's really happening start to arrive, everything turns weak cliched fast.

Why do so many horror movies use twists and "surprises" in the end anyway? By now, it would be refreshing to just enjoy a story well told, as "Marrowbone" during the first hour.

The experience is less about actors and more about atmosphere with everything fitting neatly into the author's vision, but the cast has done their best indeed, as stated above. It's not to be taken granted in indie horrors, you know.

Everybody makes you feel something by the power of their performance, be it sympathy, dislike or else. In a way, it turns out to be a good ensemble movie as well.

It's an indie effort, so there's a slim chance you would know any of the cast by name, but they do reat job, even the small one. So here they are: George MacKay, Charlie Heaton ("Stranger Things"), Mia Goth, Matthew Stagg, Anya Taylor-Joy, Kyle Soller, Tom Fisher.

All in all, prepare for likable and mostly effective movie. It's not gonna offer much for seasoned horror watchers but if you have not seen this kind of stuff (many times) already, this may be the first to make you interested in horror movies in general.

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