The Sea of Trees



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6 10 9262


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Matthew McConaughey as Arthur Brennan
Naomi Watts as Joan Brennan
Katie Aselton as Gabriella Laforte
Ken Watanabe as Takumi Nakamura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Barber 7 / 10

Give it a Chance

This was a very good movie. Yes, it starts slow but if you have the patience to watch until the very end you will find the writer and director did a wonderful job at tying everything up together. It shouldn't have been booed, as it was a heart warming story that had excellent acting. This movie deserves an opportunity at redemption in the world of movie downloads, and cable movies. So sad to see it destroyed by critics without having been given a chance. This is not a movie that I would watch over and over, but it is a very good one time watch. The use of flashbacks may be a turnoff for some as it drags out the movie a little longer than some may be comfortable with. The filming was different but captured the essence of the film, emotions and desperation. Trust me, do yourself a favor and give it a view on a weekend when you are bored... so no loss in the event you agree with the film festival crowd and critics.

Reviewed by hcamiel 7 / 10

A powerful film about life

Saw it in a sneak preview screening.

After seeing the horrible "The Forest" i was a bit reluctant to see another movie about the suicide forest, but was surprised that this movie deals with different themes.

I watched the movie because i wanted to watch a movie, and in that i found a lot of enjoyment. The movie had some good pacing and it deals with basically a present and past storyline entwined and both are interesting enough to have you go "no wait, i want to know how it continues" with every switch.

The acting was good, the story was perhaps a bit on the "cliché" side near the end, but in all satisfying. I have to mention the cinematography, because there are some beautiful shots in there, sometimes it felt so strange when shots where done without a steady cam but in ends up feeling more "organic" in the end.

So if you want to watch a nice story driven film, give it a shot.

Reviewed by mojomoc 10 / 10

Don't let unjustified bad reviews stop you from seeing this film

This film was truly well done, all three main characters were real. Regret, guilt, love buried in a challenging relationship. A soul journey that couldn't have been told any better. Matthew McC. had me in tears which really only rarely happens. He got me all through.

The film led you step by step towards the whole, you could follow each revelation, lesson of Arthur's journey as if you were with him, there. An atypical Gus Van Sant Film sure. BUT he was able to capture the fine in between the lines way of the Japanese culture which talks in symbols more than direct expression, in a beautiful and still GVS-creepy surprising different way.

Go see it if you had regret in your life, you won't regret it ;-)

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