The Saratov Approach


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
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Bart Johnson as Senator Smith
Corbin Allred as Elder Tuttle
Alex Veadov as Sergei
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomasleandrobatalla 8 / 10

Not bad for being an LDS film

As a film that turned out to be better than I expected, I actually enjoyed the Saratov Approach. With a low budget, a somewhat niche target audience (the movie was initially released only in Utah, a state with a majority Mormon population), and little source material, the film delivered pretty well. Of course, the film will naturally appeal more to Mormons/Christians in general, but I didn't feel it was overly preachy or pretentious to the point of being unwatchable. Some have complained about the length of the film and a sense that most of the time "nothing really happens". To be honest, at no point did I feel that the movie dragged.

The acting, the pacing, the camerawork, the score... They're all ok (not outstanding by any means, but fine) and the film works out. The film isn't a breakthrough and it isn't terrible, it's just a decent thriller with a religious/"feel good" twist to it, and it is good for what it is. If you enjoy these types of films, you'll probably enjoy this one. Something I particularly liked about the film is that you could sympathize with the kidnappers and that they actually had something of a backstory. And the two missionaries had pretty good chemistry.

There aren't that many good LDS films out there and this is definitely one of the better ones.

Reviewed by Rissa 7 / 10

Excellent inspirational film

From one humble Christian's perspective...

Language level: 1 out of 5 Nothing objectionable.

Sexual level: 0 out of 5 Absolutely none.

Violence level: 2.5 out of 5 Some fighting, being held at gunpoint, etc. May not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

Personal Thoughts: An excellent inspirational film, with a message of Christian hope.

Reviewed by sonofjames 4 / 10

A very boring and lazily done movie with no suspense and heroes that I wouldn't care less about dying.

There are many problems with this movie. With the only real positive being that the soundtrack is pretty fantastic (Most of the time) First off, the movie has no suspense at all even though it's a kidnapping/ransom movie. Problems the heroes are presented with are resolved BY THE VILLAINS. (Not a spoiler: At one point the heroes want something to drink, but since they are Mormon missionaries they cannot drink alcohol. So the main villain GIVES THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. That sort of thing happens multiple times in this movie.) The movie also has me not caring about the main two missionaries because their only characterization is that they are nice, loyal Mormon boys. Neither of the characters have any kind of backstory. The only chance either of the heroes have time to talk to each other they don't expand their characters, but rather just talk about praying and their religion. They really just are one dimensional characters. They really do shoe horn in a lot of the Mormon ideas. I know a lot of people might critique these points just based on that it was a true story, but that can be debunked in two ways. The two missionaries who told the story probably twisted it to fit the message they were trying to tell (This happens a lot in LDS churches trust me I used to be a member) second of all if the story you're working with won't translate well to film then maybe you shouldn't make it?

One other problem I have with the movie is the fact that it's so predictable. You can tell everything the movie is setting up from the second it starts to happen. Nothing that happens throughout is for no reason and I predicted every single thing that would happen in the movie just from the scenes before hand. I went into this movie completely blind too not even knowing what is was about, however the person I was watching with every time I'd complain about how little thought went into the movie they would try to shut down that point by expressing how it's a true story. For example I'd complain about how stupid the characters were and they'd respond "Well everyone's flawed." Then I'd say. "Especially the screenwriter for this piece of garbage."

The acting goes from decent to hilariously bad, luckily none of the main characters are too awful.


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