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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charles Reichenthal 7 / 10

Stealing from The Rock

Fine photography and scenic wonders are all there in this film, but, oddly, it is a youthful Seann William Scott who steals this film from star Dwayne Johnson and everything else. The story, naturally, is silly...but it has humor and lots of action scenes. In fact, almost all of it is action, often with comedic touches that are played well by the two men. Johnson has charisma, but Scott is in his element, offering the kind of zany performance, and good looks, that should have propelled him to more important and jucier roles. Not a bad film to sit through on a rainy or snowy night. You won't be bored.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Fast-paced mix of dumb comedy and solid action

The Rock's short cinematic career seems to have been improving as time progresses, starting off with the trashy Mummy films and their spin-offs and then moving on to more decent fare like DOOM and WALKING TALL. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE falls somewhere between these films and boasts a good, serious performance from the former wrestler, playing a bounty hunter and chef who, unsurprisingly enough, ends up whupping the ass of just about all the bad guys in the movie. Unfortunately, aside from The Rock, this is a very silly film and undemanding film that seems to be pretty much packed with childish humour. The scenes involving the monkeys, for instance, are interminable and obviously aimed at the younger demographic.

Another low point of the film is Seann William Scott's turn as co-star. I was just warming to Scott after his turn in American PIE: THE WEDDING (where he was by far the best thing in the film); unfortunately he takes a backwards step here and becomes the irritating bigmouth once again. Scott's shtick is quickly tiring – the dumb 'thunder and lightning' joke played for non-laughs over and over again is a good example – but it's impossible to totally blame the actor, as his part is so poorly written. On the plus side, to make up for this deficiency, we do get another kooky turn from Christopher Walken, playing yet another villain and yet another anecdotal, rambling, philosophic bad guy a la TRUE ROMANCE. Walken seems to be having a ball, and viewers will too, when he's around. Supporting actors don't fare so well. The usually dependable Ewen Bremner is saddled with an incomprehensible Scottish accent while Rosario Dawson (so tough and hard-hitting in SIN CITY) is one-dimensional as the token woman.

The problem with this flick is the plot, really. It's so clichéd – recalling other, better films like MIDNIGHT RUN – that every twist and plot device can be seen a mile off. The Rock's reluctance to use firearms is a good example; we all know he's gonna load up and shoot a load of crims at the climax, so what? Director Peter Berg only ever hits the spot when he's dealing with the action, and I'm pleased to see that the many fights and battles – while predictable – lift this film entirely. Without them, it would be worthless; with them, it's worth at least one watch. Beginning with a nightclub rumpus as The Rock takes on an American football team (film fans will also get a kick out of Schwarzenegger's "blink and you'll miss it" cameo) and moving on to car chases, massive shoot-outs, and explosions , WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE really hits home in the action stakes, although the frenzied editing is still a detraction; give me the good old days of one-shot fights (think '80s Hong Kong) anytime. Still, the mid-film showdown between The Rock and some martial arts-battling rebels, out in the jungle with vines, brutal super-punches and more, makes the film worth watching on it's own.

Reviewed by CANpatbuck3664 9 / 10

One of My Favourite Turn Your Brain Off Action Movies

Everybody has a few of those movies that they like and go back to even when nobody understands what you like so much about it. I don't think this movie is beyond defending, there's a reason that even today they talk about a sequel. But if you made me stand up in front of a room full of critics and asked me what makes the Rundown such a good action/adventure movie, the argument might be tough to verbalize. I think what makes this movie memorable are the super fun to watch action scenes, the great comedic chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Sean William Scott and it captures the swashbuckling experience taking advantage of the atmosphere.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* Beck (Dwayne Johnson) is a recovery expert who handles the tough jobs. You send him when you expect the mark to fight or run before they give up what's due. At the beginning of the movie, he steps into a nightclub to get back some money owed to his boss from a star college QB who loves to gamble. Even though he's with some of some other college football stars, his boss Walker (William Lucking) orders him to take his championship ring as collateral until he can pay back the loan. Beck tries to do it peacefully but ends up fighting with 6 different football players. He's able to get the ring but is ambushed by a competing bounty hunter and loses it.

He gets back to Walker who laughs at his misfortune. Beck doesn't want to do this anymore and isn't taking jobs because he enjoys the work. He's indebted to Walker and is trying to work off his debt. Beck tries to walk out but Walker barks at him to get back in line. One last job awaits him, Walker gives him the assignment of tracking down his estranged son Travis (Sean William Scott). He's a university dropout hanging out in Brazil, he fancies himself an archaeologist and is trying to recover a native treasure named The Gato. Beck hops on a plane and heads out for Brazil to track down Travis and get him out of town without getting into trouble with local gang lord Hatcher (Christopher Walken).

The plot of the Rundown is a bit of a throwback and isn't completely new. But while this movie isn't actually filmed in Brazil, the jungle that the characters run through almost feels like a character in the movie. There's a great scene where they fall off a cliff and when they hit trees or the rocks, the hits are bone jarring. People swing from vines during the fights and even though its a bit childish, there's a pretty good gag with some horny monkeys. It reminds me a little of Indiana Jones where the location plays into the action and it feels organic. It's a nice touch and it adds to the movie.

The plot may be familiar but what helps you get into this movie is that the 2 main characters work so well together. This movie was one of the first really good movies that Dwayne was in and while Sean's character is close but not exactly Stifler from the American Pie movies, they sell it. Their dialogue is sharp but Dwayne's intensity and Sean's goofy style play off each other well. Rosario Dawson is an underrated actress and she's pretty good here. She always seems to be in the background but she doesn't get her due, I hope she does one day. Christopher Walken chews the scenery in the best possible way. He's so over-the-top that he's hilarious and it also fits the tone of the movie.

Someone who is ready to judge this movie is going to point out so many things that are impossible to do from a physics perspective or from a logical point of view. Normally I would get that argument but I think when Peter Berg stays away from drama like Lone Survivor or Deepwater Horizon, he's one of the better directors at making the action fun to watch. He's a better director than he's given credit for (he also made my favourite football movie Friday Night Lights). There's a great fight out in the jungle between Dwayne and some of the rebels that is just a blast to watch even though it isn't realistic at all. The ending action set piece is explosive in an exploitative way and I mentioned that fall down the cliff is wince inducing. This movie wouldn't have worked if the movie didn't have the fun spirit it has but it does.

I would really like to get this sequel Berg and The Rock keep talking about. Beck isn't a terribly deep character but he would be fun to watch in a franchise. This movie isn't realistic but it always puts a smile on my face every time I watch it. Dwayne Johnson and Sean William Scott make a good comedic duo and the action scenes aren't groundbreaking but they're unique enough to enjoy. This movie isn't new but its worth revisiting and if you are willing to suspend your disbelief, its an underrated find.

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