The Rookie


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 22308


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Charlie Sheen as David Ackerman
Clint Eastwood as Nick Pulovski
Tom Skerritt as Eugene Ackerman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jesterle 9 / 10

Everyone has one !

I enjoy just about any Eastwood film and this was no different, the chemistry between Sheen and Eastwood was fun.Try it for yourself have the critics are egotists their like assholes everyone has one.

Reviewed by kgprophet 3 / 10

Cookie Cutter Macho Movie Almost Camp-worthy

Watching this again after many years, it is something to notice that this movie was directed by Clint Eastwood. This may or may not come as a surprise, the man who would later find his movies in the Oscar ring. But Eastwood would make films with Eastwood as Eastwood (like Tom Cruise movies). In this case, he's Harry Callahan as far as the script cares, and this time his new partner is some rich kid.

The story, formed from sticks and mud, is almost campy the way it avoids any originality whatsoever, EXCEPT for some brief action set pieces. The one thing I remembered the last time I watched this film was the crazy car chase sequence at the beginning of the film. Frankly there is nothing as good as that for the rest of the 2 hour running time. You get a sense that Raul Julia is swallowing his pride playing an ethnic stereotype bad guy. Weird, the official synopsis wants us to believe he is of German origin. But the other hoodlums that are part of his gang all look South American.

Essentially scenes were created in this film so Eastwood could spout some tough guy lines. Even more, a whole character is concocted, a new partner (Charlie Sheen) that is wet behind the ears (what is that phrase supposed to mean anyway?). Eastwood gets to show him up. But guess what? Sheen has a couple tricks up his sleeve! OK, that's no surprise. The audience can sniff the "oh yeah" moment coming. In this case, Sheen can somehow perform complex motorcycle repair on a vintage Harley simply by twisting two fingers for a half second (sounds lame but not an exaggeration).

So this movie is not trying too hard with character development. When Tom Skerritt shows up as Sheen's rich daddy, you could sense that maybe Skerritt had his hands dirty in this caper. Ah, but that was one re-write that never happened. Sheen has little charisma himself, so there is no chemistry between him and the love interest (a hot looking Laura Flynn Boyle). All the bad guys do extra mean bad guy things ("I'm going to make this EXTRA painful"). Such dialogue and goofy tension-building has pretty much the opposite effect. I wasn't nervous, I was laughing.

The endless clich├ęs begin with the police captain telling Eastwood "you're off the case!" Grrrr! Eastwood is then introduced to his new partner, who he thinks is some assistant. Hilarity ensues! Nobody survives this unscathed. Eastwood is very shallow, since it seems he is impervious to any real ramifications of his misbehaviour. Even his new partner gets in on some unsportsmanslike conduct when he massacres members of a local bar and then torches the place.

As I mentioned, the technical feats come way of the more original action scenes. Very few films go through the time and effort to stage elaborate action scenes at night. It requires the added obstacle of lighting several blocks of highways or streets. The crew must sleep during the day for sometimes weeks. As for the rest of the movie, it an embarrassment for all involved.

Reviewed by jonathanmark-77048 8 / 10

A very Underrated Buddy Cop Film

Plot: Clint Eastwood plays a veteran detective who gets stuck with a rookie cop (Charlie Sheen) to chase down a German crook (Raul Julia.) This will probably go down as one of my favorite Clint Eastwood films considering I'm one of those people that likes Eastwood but don't love him as much as some people. The story is very simple and straight to the point which I like. Both Eastwood and Sheen have really good chemistry with each other which is what a buddy film needs to make it work along with an engaging story.

The rest of the supporting cast also does a good job especially Raul Julia(may he rest in peace) and Sonia Braga who brought enough menace to their roles that made them convincing villains.

The action is very well done when it comes with some exciting stunt sequences that rival some movies today. The only 2 problems that I have are the pacing being a little slow and of course the famous rape scene where Sonia Braga take advantage of Clint Eastwood although they don't linger on it too much unlike other films which helped.

The Rookie is a fun buddy cop film with 2 really good performances by the leads, good villains, fun action, and a good story. If you get a chance to see it, watch it you won't regret it.

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