The River Why


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Reviewed by dancinhomer2 1 / 10

"The River Why-Was-This-Even-Made?"

The only redeeming quality to be found in this film is the beautiful Oregon scenery. However, that means that this *highlight* of the movie- watching experience is the equivalent of watching someone's vacation videos. When this is the best thing you can say about a movie, you are in for a painful time.

It's a movie about fishing. Granted, you can only expect so much regarding a movie about something like fly fishing, but it *can* be made entertaining (remember "A River Runs Through It"?). This film has the requisite father-son issues, the "surprisingly thoughtful and well-read" protagonist, the spunky love interest, the "I've been searching for fish, and yet I now know I've only been searching for myself" hackneyed conclusion. The only thing that's missing is a group of people slow-clapping at the end. These are 101 minutes of your life you'll never get back. You have been warned.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

fishing for a romance

Gus Orviston (Zach Gilford) is born of an angling family. His father Henning (William Hurt) is a famous writer. His parents often argue over fishing. After one such fight, he leaves to fish on his own. He's taken with fish activist Eddy (Amber Heard). After discovering a dead body, he befriends incompetent fisherman Titus (Dallas Roberts).

The biggest problem with this movie is the lack of hurdles. It makes the story without drama. There is never any obstacles to his family life or the romantic life. There is only one on-screen parental fight before he leaves home. As for the romance, it's cute and sexy but without drama. I don't see any over-arching philosophy being espoused by his non-struggle. This is the lightest of coming-of-age romantic movie.

Reviewed by eddonnell 3 / 10

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ another spoiled brat finds romance

the Acting is good, the filming is good but the plot, or should i say the plot depth is really about a emotional train wreck of a teen who can't have it his way at home and later finds love. As to all the comparisons this snoozer has in common with "A River Runs through it" is the fly fishing. The Main character Gus is a spoiled kid who thinks throwing tizzy fit and running away to waste his time is the manly thing to do. Feel sorry for the Girl, if you play it out in real life, guess what excitement she will be facing, a guy obsessed with fishing more most of the day. guess she'll have to be the bread winner so fly-boy can do whats important and fly fish all day. We shut this off after 25 minutes. We really tried to just let it run but we had more important things to do than waste more time on this lame rehash of "fit boy with angst finds love". I checked the spoiler box because some people think if you even say a persons name you have ruined the film. I actually prefer to know the full plot and ending, then I know what to look for. Hope I didn't ruin it for those who don't.

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