The Rise of the Krays


Action / Crime / Drama

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Simon Merrells as Jack Spot
Mark Preston as Gangster in Pub
Nicola Stapleton as Violet Kray
Mariola Jaworska as Pub Customer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by epat 4 / 10

Shallowest of the Kray movies.

Of the several Kray movies I've watched lately, this is the shallowest. The mother-love angle's barely there & they never so much as hint at Ronnie's homosexuality. Simon Cotton, the actor who plays Ronnie, was damn good tho. Clearly he'd been studying James Fox's Chas (Performance, 1970) — which is probably why I liked him so much — that same understated simmering violence & even a lot of the facial expressions Fox used so effectively. Not to say he copied Fox; I prefer to think it an homage to one of the best cinematic gangsters ever.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"Never run away from anything,... Never!"

The DVD sleeve for "The Rise of the Krays" touts it as 'The Best British Gangster Film Ever Made', but that's a serious overstatement. Guy Ritchie did a much better job with "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". Those were fictional stories of course, but this one based on the real life Kray Brothers isn't nearly as compelling, and I was actually more enthralled by looking up a Wikipedia account of the brothers who ran an East London crime gang back in the Fifties and Sixties.

The film features it's share of bloody violence as befits the subject material, though it's usually Ronnie Kray (Simon Cotton) who doles out the punishment as opposed to more self controlled brother Reggie (Kevin Leslie). The brothers eventually come to blows when Reggie prefers to make nice with fellow Italian and Maltese mobsters by carving up sections of London each gang could control, rather than waste huge amounts of money and lives fighting each other. By this time, Ronnie is so paranoid and schizophrenic that his criminal life is interrupted by a stay at a mental asylum.

Without realizing there's a follow up film titled "The Fall of the Krays", I thought the picture did a disservice to it's viewers by not explaining what eventually happened with the Kray Brothers. The picture simply ends with Ronnie pondering his fate as lord and master of the London underworld. I imagine the sequel delves into their eventual arrest by the relentless detective, inspector Nipper Read (Danny Midwinter), but considering the way this was put together, I don't feel that compelled to bother with it. Of my current list of gangster films I've watched and reviewed here on IMDb, this one comes in number #75 out of 76 movies based on IMDb ranking order as I write this. That seems pretty lame for the best British gangster film ever made.

Reviewed by Neil Grant 1 / 10


Firstly, The Krays Never wore flat caps, 2, They do not look like the Krays, 3 They have not got the swagger of the Krays, 4 The film has pinched scenes from The Kemp brothers film. 5 a very badly written scrip. The same goes for The fall of the Kray . Half the stuff in both films were untrue. I have read all the books and I was a good friend of Charlie Kray. I even spoke to Reg on the phone when he was in Blunderston Prison.Next time you want to do a film get in touch with me. I am an Actor/Director and have been in many films and TV Programs...................

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