The Ridiculous 6


Action / Comedy / Western

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Adam Sandler as Tommy aka White Knife
Taylor Lautner as Lil' Pete
Terry Crews as Chico
Steve Buscemi as Doc Griffin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dyliebar5 2 / 10

One of Sandler's most embarrassing films.

I as a film critic am usually very kind towards Adam Sandler's films. I was able to find enjoyment in movies like Grown Ups, That's My Boy, Pixels (all modern Sandler productions that were critically panned). I did enjoy That's My Boy the most out of those 3 I mentioned because I just have a really f**ked up sense of humor. Other movies of his such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Bulletproof I find to be comedic gold. However, when it comes to some of his other comedies, that range from mediocre to being god awful! Mediocre ones being films such as Blended, Grown Ups 2, Sandy Wexler. God awful is stuff like The Do-Over, Jack and Jill (which I think is the worst film of the decade so far), and THIS! I hate the entire 119 minute run time of this movie! This movie is far too long, REALLY boring, and unfunny! 85-90 minutes would have been plenty long enough for this movie. Watching this movie for the first time in December 2015, around the 90 minute mark or so, I thought we were at the climax already, but I found out there was another 30 minutes to go! Not once did the comedy in this movie make me laugh. There is almost nothing more terrible than a comedy that doesn't make you laugh. The two good things that I can at least say about this movie is that not all the acting is terrible, and the action scenes can be somewhat entertaining at times. Other than that, this is easily one of the worst things Sandler has ever come out with. If you see it on Netflix, don't press play, you'll never get those 2 hours back.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

This is so much better than a cantalope

Tommy (Adam Sadler) meets his dad who left him to Indians to raise. He is taken captive and Tommy must raise $50,000 to save him. In doing so he meets 5 unlikely individuals who are his half brothers.

The film is no "Blazing Saddles." It is filled with clich├ęs and gross sex humor. The humor was hit and miss and most of the time it missed miserably in its juvenile attempt to be funny.

Guide: No F-bombs, sex, or nudity. Plenty of adult humor.

Reviewed by AndrooUK 8 / 10

A fun American Western action comedy

I found this to be a surprisingly enjoyable American Western style film.

The story was actually quite decent, with suspense, silliness, and stereotypes.

I particularly liked the stereotypes, even though they were over the top. Some parts of the film were ridiculous, but hey, it's in the title.

I was very surprised, as I find some Adam Sandler films to be pretty stupid.

Some reviews seem to be quite harsh on the stereotypes used, but stories and life are both boring without them. Everyone stereotypes everyone, and it's entertaining to see it highlighted by others or by stories and films - no matter what you profess externally.

You could even say the stereotypes were subverted to an extent: The hick had some poignant thoughts and ideas, the Indians weren't drunkards and had some modern ideals, the black was creative and worked, the women were 'strong', the white men were baddies.

I suggest not getting caught up in political correctness to the point of illness, and just watch this film as an independent piece of art/entertainment, instead of feeling compelled to judge it badly out of obligation or guilt. I think you'll be happier if you do, and might actually enjoy the story as well as the 'incorrectness' of the humour.

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