The Reunion


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
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Ethan Embry as Leo Carey
Amy Smart as Nina Carey
Boyd Holbrook as Douglas Carey
John Cena as Sam Carey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lar_lef 8 / 10

dysfunctional family learns to function

An enjoyable action/bonding film with brief anti-capitalist sub,sub plot, which could have been eliminated, but does no harm to the movie.

A film blessed with good dialogue, good acting; in short, an enjoyable romp that you can forget at once after seeing it, but while doing so fun to watch. And the Mexican girl who helps our heroes is pretty to watch; as per the fashion now prevalent for some years, she reveals a bit of breast, now and then. This fashion helps brand pictures as modern (with such views) or pre-modern (without). I don't believe that Doris Day movies featured such. Not complaining, mind you, though in some movies the expansive reveal detracts from the plot, assuming there is one. A smuttering, as well as a smattering of smut.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 7 / 10

It's a good movie for a night in with a pizza

Okay, so there are no major movie stars featured, there is no 200 million dollar budget, and no, Steven Spielberg nor Martin Scorsese directed it. What The Reunion DOES have though is a nice story, so just remember it is a story and not a biography, and as such there are liberties taken with how lawyers behave, and how Mexicans seem to always miss their target and then get shot themselves.

Even with the films low budget by Hollywood standards of only 6 million dollars, I really liked The Reunion. This is a story about three brothers and one sister all who apparently were sired by the same brutish father who was a drunkard, and each by a different mother. The father dies and in his will he instructs for each of his four (4) children to inherit $3 million dollars with the caveat being that they must work together for a period for no less than two (2) years in a business of their choosing.

Actress Amy Smart plays Nina Carey, the daughter of the deceased father and also the executor of his will. Two of the three brothers namely Leo Carey played by Ethan Embry and Sam Carey played by wrestling star John Cena are polar opposites both in career choices and their physical stature. The third brother and youngest of the Carey family is Douglas Carey played by Boyd Holbrook a relative newcomer to Hollywood, but he plays the abandoned sibling who just got out of prison where he receives a standing ovation by all the prisoners who apparently really liked Douglas Carey because of his charming personality and his ability to relate to people.

Not only are the four Carey family members enjoyable in their roles, there is also a strong supporting cast such as the two gangsters who kidnap a wealthy businessmen. The two gangsters are studio actor regulars Michael Rispoli who plays Canton, a technology guru responsible for the ransom wire transfer, and his partner in crime named Nealon played by Jack Conley who is a former FBI agent and he is familiar how to execute a kidnapping successfully. The kidnapped wealthy businessman named Wills is played by character actor Gregg Henry.

During the adventure the three Carey brothers decide to rescue the kidnapped businessman Wills for the reward money and they gain the trust of a local Mexican resident the beautiful Theresa Trujillo played by Lela Loren who currently stars as Angela Valdes in the television crime/drama series POWER.

I also liked the story line and I thought writer/director Michael Pavone did a great job in bringing his picture to life with the very limited budget he had to work with. The film ending also has a few twists and turns worth hanging in there to see. This film is above par for crime/action films and I would rate it much higher than most crime/action films that have budgets more than ten times greater than The Reunion had to work with.

I will most likely watch this film again in the coming years with fondness and admiration. It is well worth watching and I for one was most pleasantly surprised. I give the film a 7 out of 10 rating.

Reviewed by icyfires-440-360433 7 / 10

Happily Surprised

I went in thinking this was going to be a check your brain at the door and hopefully enjoy the movie in spite of bad acting. Turns out this movie was really good. I went in with super low expectation. I like bad movies. I know that they are bad or cheap it does not mean I can't enjoy. However, this was well done funny, great characters, well-acted. Stuff blows up, people get shot and there are warm fuzzies. Eye candy for men and women. John Cena you surprised me I was expecting a big dummy. This is not Oscar worthy stuff, but still done well. I would have paid to see this in theaters. Sit back enjoy the ride and be happily surprised.

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