The Resistance Banker


Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Wile 7 / 10

Very Good Story

Hey folks,

As an American and unable to speak any language other than English, I rarely watch any foreign films. The story itself did seem interesting, and when I found the film on Netflix was in English and included subtitles, I thought I would at least give it ten minutes or so to see if I would find it worth watching.

While I knew none of the actors or others who produced this film, I did find the story to be quite captivating even though I did not understand the banking mechanics involved in financing the resistance. The acting was very good in my opinion, and I found I was able to navigate the story well enough with the English speech and subtitles.

If one is expecting an action-adventure film, one would be better off skipping this film. On the other hand, if one can appreciate a well paced film that tells a very good story, then this film does that quite well. I have always loved a good story.

Best wishes, Dave Wile

Reviewed by nelleke-97387 9 / 10

Authentic story, respectfully told in movie

This film is one in the long series of Dutch WWII stories, that are important to keep on telling because there is news in it, and things we did not now. It is well made, seen from the perspective of drama and direction. Modern with many close-ups and sudden overviews. This is somewhat overwhelming, but it also connects the spectator to as well the private world of the persons in the film, as to the overall situation. Locations are very convincing brought to life and the actors play there roles without showing off. Small and good acting, which works for the camera best. About the contents: It shows to me clearly that war forces people to make choices that one cannot make. A warning that we should never get into war again. It's to me also a movie that shows that the resistance in the Netherlands did its utmost to help, but that there were a lot of barrieres and much pressure from the Germans to disturb everything. This, unfortunately, took the life of too many. The film is also made with much respect to the family of the person who is the maincharacter, and who died at the end of the war. Most convincing in it is also that one can see the maincharacter has problems in not thinking too big, too fast. This, obviously, brings him closer to us as when we see movies of heroes that are limitedless figures. Here there is a human being, who has to make tough decisions and we understand that some things went wrong. Still it is not too sentimental! Good job!

Reviewed by henray71 6 / 10

The Story had to be known

A big inspiration for Dutch movies is WWII : loads of great movies have been made. This story is one that has to be told but the execution of the story was not to my satisfaction: unnecessary complicated, slow at times. For me not something I would recommend to friends

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