The Remains


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 14%
IMDb Rating 3.7 10 2385


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Samuel Larsen as Tommy
Lisa Brenner as Melissa
Ashley Crow as Claire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matcho_ringoringo_jb 1 / 10

Worst movie I've ever watched

WORST WORST WORST so called 'horror' movie I have ever watched. Should have checked the rating before watching it. I wonder how did the director come out with the story line but the acting was just pure stupid. (Not like the acting sucks but the character that they had to act)

I'm just here warning everyone not to watch this horrendous movie. Seriously it's just waste of your time.

Reviewed by ada46 6 / 10

A real haunted house

We don't agree with the harsh reviews of this movie. This is a haunted house flick, and having lived in a big old haunted Victorian, we thought they did a very realistic job of giving you the feeling of what that is like. It's not constant terror or horror, but lots of creepy, weird things happening that you are always trying to explain away (seeing figures, crashes in the attic, noises and voices). The seance was a good idea, as that was very popular during the Victorian times and they did good job of making it seem like it could be a hoax. Our frustration was with the thin story line about the haunting (what was going on with the original family, what happened to the girl, etc). You can make an educated guess, but revealing that story through the haunted chest in the attic would have been much more interesting and scary and would have led to a better ending which seemed rushed and hokey. We thought the characters were well rendered and believable, seemed like a real family, not saccharine where you root for them to get offed. This is one where it would be worth someone with better writing skills taking a shot at fleshing it out. Has the potential to be a really good scary movie. Seemed like the unscrupulous Realtor idea came from American Horror Story's first season. Now that was scary!

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Death changes people

The film opens up in 1891 Azusa, California with a seance gone bad. We never really got to find out what the real issues were or if the girl they were looking for was killed by her father, or what demon or ghost has entered the picture. We move to modern times and a new family moves into the house and find a chest in the attic...well you know the rest.

On the plus side the characters were slightly better developed than a lot of the recent offerings. Victoria (Lisa Brenner) had that creepy Wednesday Addams high forehead look going for her, which worked quite well. However the story line wasn't developed. The connection of the ghost/possession was made simply through the items in the chest used at the failed seance...and? They could have made a better connection to the neighbor and Realtor. And what was with the moody teen daughter? Was she forbidden from dating? Why the sneaking around? Special effects include eye make-up and doors closing by themselves.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity...just tease.

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