The Redeeming


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 159


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anouskasherriff 1 / 10


I must have watched a completely different film to everyone else who has left a review as i thought this film was absolutely awful The acting was diabolical and the story line was so long and slow I kept thinking to myself "surely it's going to get better by all the 5 star reviews"..NOPE. Please take my advise, avoid this waste of space at all costs.

Reviewed by thedunns-11463 1 / 10

Rave reviews all from new accounts with one review

Seriously, every single positive review is from a new account with only one posted review, which all are somewhat similar and posted with days of each other. I tried to watch the film but it's so amateurish, it became unbearable. IMDB really needs to figure out how to manage what are obviously shill reviews from people involved with a production. Suggestion to those who post shill or fake reviews: cover your tracks by reviewing more than just your film and attempt some diversity with account names.

Reviewed by philipjb-16578 1 / 10


Ever so slight twist at the end to a terrible plot. Worse acting than what you find on UK channel 5 on a weekday afternoon. At least you can forgive their acting because they cast a fit blonde usually. Imknow its a budget film but cinematically its hard to watch on the eyes unlike successful budget films. Quite a few blatant fake reviews on here from "people" that have never rated anything else. Honestly the worst film I have ever seen, and I saw Sharknado.

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