The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scottizzle 1 / 10

"Steroids have never effected the leaderboards in our Sport of crossfit"

So right off the bat you know the movie is propaganda. Do people think steroids and PEDs don't make you physically stronger/faster and more agile? Because they 100% do and are used by the best, that's why they're the best. They took it to another level, this documentary pretends drugs don't help their best athletes. What a joke of a documentary, how can I take it seriously after an opening like that?

Reviewed by rynewilson 2 / 10

Stick to the events

2017s Fittest on earth documentary was great! It was focused on the events and we all received a lot of insight on what was going on in the athletes mind during these events. Now this years documentary was about everything else but the actual events and it was terrible! I do not know why they decided to focus on everything but the events and the athletes! Very disappointed

Reviewed by heleninnamorato 7 / 10

A must see film for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Just fantastic to be able to watch these incredible athletes. They capture it all ... power, endurance, functionality, flexibility, the entire range of human exercise physicality. Its really a must see for those into working out and exercising. You will find the movie extremely inspirational. A 10 rating in that regard. On the other hand, everything else in terms of filming was quite weak. The movie was choppy and poorly directed. Overall, I give this film a 7 out of 10 and again, a must see for those into fitness.

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