The Rebound


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
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Stephanie Szostak as Alice Marnier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 1 / 10

Terrible, silly, and unworthy of Catherine Zeta-Jones's beauty

As Shirley MacLaine so memorably says in the fantastic movie Rumor Has It, "Everyone needs someone in their life to let them know when youth has come to an end." For Catherine Zeta-Jones, that person was whoever convinced her to make the film The Rebound. Like many women who find themselves in that difficult Hollywood age, Catherine must not have known what parts to take. She wasn't young enough to play traditional romantic leads, and she wasn't old enough to cross over into "mother" roles. The Rebound is a May-December romance, with the beautiful, alluring Catherine Zeta-Jones in the "December" role. It broke my heart to see her that way, so if you feel the same way I do about her, you might not want to watch this one.

In the film, she finds love in the unexpected source of her children's male nanny, Justin Bartha. I couldn't wrap my head around their romance, and I was never rooting for them. There's no compelling reason for them to be drawn to each other, and Bart Freundlich's screenplay is silly and unworthy of an Oscar-winning actress. She isn't at all believable as a single mom with no romantic prospects and financial troubles, when audiences are so used to seeing her in historical epics like The Mask of Zorro, Catherine the Great, and Titanic. I don't know why she had the desire to destroy her image with this film, but hopefully not very many people saw it.

Reviewed by newbycm 10 / 10

WOW! Fantastic Movie!

I just watched The Rebound and I just have to say that it was excellent. Very well written and even better was the acting. I'm tremendously impressed with Justin Bartha's performance in this movie. He was comedic and serious with perfect timing and execution; he can be totally sensuous and then be so loving with kids. Talk about well-rounded acting skills. Wow. I'm totally impressed with this movie. And Catherine Zeta Jones was, as usual, just lovely and at the same time very authentic and real-life.

I laughed and cried, just amazing. I don't think this movie got the attention it deserves.

I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a funny and real love story.

Reviewed by seronjaa-797-313124 7 / 10

It was good until the ending

There aren't many movies showing a relationship between older women and younger men and this one started out quite well. But then it became and insult to our intelligence. They're relationship started out cute and surprisingly not just as a one night stand or sexy forbidden thing. But then the social morals kick in and they break up- because "a 40 year old woman should not date a 25 year old man", no matter how good they are for each other. And after that, this young man, who actually is very much ready to get serious, is going to do what American society expects him to do- travel the world and "grow up". Because 5 years later he is 30 and at this age it is more acceptable to date an older woman. And that's the insult. He is pretty much the same person, not a bit more mature then before, but 30 is such a round number and it represents real adulthood, right? It's just stupid. In those 5 years one of them would either move on and find a new partner or contact "the love of his/ her life" and try to save the relationship. Instead they're selling us this kind of crap. What a pity. I know men, who got married even younger and got children and they are very capable of being mature without having to "see the world or rock cleveland" first. And the children were written pretty poorly, too. As someone said- too intelligent for their age, too much of a smartmouth and so on. More like teenagers stuck in bodies of 7 year olds.

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