The Raid 2


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Iko Uwais as Rama
Yayan Ruhian as Prakoso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mmmmbanemmmm 10 / 10

Phenomenal Movie

This is the greatest authentic action crime thriller ever made a real martial arts with insane stunts great acting a real step up in the action movie industry the raid redemption and the raid 2 are the best action movies ever made waiting for the raid 3

Reviewed by IkhwanArif 7 / 10

A Flawed But Still Enjoyable Sequel.

After the overwhelming success of Serbuan Maut (The Raid: Redemption) it's not surprising that Gareth Evans got the greenlight to make another one. Berandal (The Raid 2) continues where Serbuan Maut left, with an expectation to be... bigger.

And it is big. Bigger budget, bigger ensemble, multiple locations, a car chase scene and clocking in at 150 minutes long, Berandal had the promised of be the sequel that we don't need but certainly the sequel that we deserve but it just fell short of living up to its lofty potential.

Firstly the flaws; there were scenes and characters in the film that simply didn't belong and wholly unnecessary. The first is Yayan Ruhian as Prakoso; I don't fault Gareth Evans for wanting to include Yayan Ruhian again; hell, I would to but Yayan Ruhian is wasted as Prakoso, a character that could be played by anyone and certainly didn't need 3 scenes with 2 lackadaisical fight scenes.

In one of the scenes, Perkoso ended up outside a club, during winter time, in tropical Jakarta; this is just pretentious nonsense; no one is South East Asia would ever believe that there is snow in the equator. Then there is also Batter and Hammer Girl; who are entirely necessary to the plot and their fight scenes were also lackluster. Julie Estelle as Hammer Girl especially, is really really weak; there was no acting, she can't fight, her choreography is crap.

I think Gareth Evans was pressured into adding too much, and so, the film feels like it has a lot of 'bloatware.' All in all, you could at least cut off 30 minutes from the movie, which would've been a better outcome. More doesn't always mean more; less can be more.

So, now the good. The movie has an excellent ensemble cast, even Yayan Ruhian shines as his role as Prakoso. Standout performances by Iko Uwais reprising his role as Rama, Ariffin Putra is fantastic as Uco (and he speaks excellent English), Tio Pakusadewo is credible as the mafia boss Bangun (and he speaks great Japanese), Ryuhei Matsuda and Keinichi Endo as the Goto family yakuza.

The story had the potential to be really great a la Infernal Affairs or The Departed but due to the aforementioned 'bloatware' the story was reduced to gang rivalry, and a one man commando against the Indonesian Preman. I applaud Gareth Evans for depicting real criminal behavior along and this adds authenticity and believability to the film. Had, Evans cut out all the pretentious scenes out, he would have something really close to greatness.

The best fight scene must be between Iko Uwais and Cecep Arif Rahman in the Kitchen fight with Karambit knives. This fight scene is as close to a real Silat fight as you can get and it was very well done.

As it is, it's not bad. Berandal is not as good as Serbuan Maut, but it's still an entertaining affair.

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

Infernal affairs

The Raid was a lean mean action film which put Indonesian based, Welsh director Gareth Evans on the map alongside its star Iko Uwais. Several cast members went on to make cameo appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In Raid 2, Honest cop Rama (Iko Uwais) reluctantly accepts an assignment by an anti corruption unit to expose a corrupt chief of police Reza who is in league with city mobsters Bangun (Tio Pakusodewo) and Goto (Kenichi Endo.)

Rama has to go deep undercover as Yuda, by being imprisoned and get close to Bangun's son Uco (Arifin Putra) which he does by saving his life in prison when a mob attacks.

Two years later Yuda after being released from prison he is hired by Bangun to work in their organisation. Yuda discovers that Uco is unhappy with his father's conciliatory behaviour towards his rivals which he sees as a weakness. Goaded by a rival gang lord who is pushing Uco's buttons, Uco plans to take control of his father's gang. Yuda finds himself in great danger.

The film's plot is inspired by movies such as The Departed and The Godfather. In contrast to the first film, the sequel concentrates on a story more than the action. I found it flabby and rather dull outside of the action scenes which were still frenetic and frenzied.

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