The Producers


Action / Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 37458


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Will Ferrell as Franz Liebkind
Uma Thurman as Ulla
Richard Kind as Jury Foreman
John Barrowman as Lead Tenor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by julian-32145 1 / 10

Seriously (but predictable) Disappointing

...I didn't even manage 10mins before switching this movie off. The original 1967 version is one of my favourite movies, & I consistently watch it approx six times per year. The 2005 version is terrible, forced acting, bad casting especially Matthew Broderick, he just isn't convincing nor is he funny, may be he did it for the paycheck! (for that I can't blame him). I'm sorry but 2005 was a total unwatchable mistake. For me this movie is an insult on the original! How on earth can the pairing of Zero and Gene Wilder be bettered (improved) upon... It's truly amazing how some ratings are so high with up to ten star ratings!! I must be living in a different world from these people.

To conclude for utter brilliance in comedy you MUST watch the 1967 Original. (especially You younger people who often don't give 'oldie movies' a chance)

p.s. when you're in the mood for a good comedy also watch 'The Twelve Chairs' of 1970 by Mel brooks....

Reviewed by rdoyle29 3 / 10

This is garbage

This is a terrible, unfunny film. The fact that it's based on one of the funniest films ever made just makes this debacle all the more insulting. Of the two stars, Lane comes off better, largely because he's just doing Zero Mostel. He doesn't do him well, but at least his performance is conceptually sound. Broderick is just lost. He's completely miscast in a role that calls for a big and broad comedic performance, and he seems to just resort to mugging in the hopes that it might occasionally work. It does not. For the rest of the film, it largely takes the parts that didn't work quite as well ... the gay director and the Swedish receptionist ... and greatly expanded their significance. It then takes that parts that did work very well ... Kenneth Mars and especially Dick Shawn ... and minimized or completely eliminated them. I hate this film.

Reviewed by Cardinal Biggles 1 / 10

What a waste of time, money and talent.

Why? Just why? I can't believe they made this load of old tat.

The 1967 "The Producers" was a masterpiece of ironic comedy and parody.

It's still the best. This load of tripe doesn't come anywhere near. The script is near identical, but the acting is mediocre, and the musical numbers terrible. Worse, the Producers of THIS "Producers" have confused Irony with Slapstick. Once the PC brigade had been through the script with a red pen there is clearly nothing left. Sanitised. Waste of musical talent, waste of time.

Get the Original 1967 version. It's as fresh today as it always has been. Mel Brookes' comedic genius at it's apogee.

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