The Private Eyes


Comedy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 2350


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Don Knotts as Inspector Winship
Tim Conway as Dr. Tart
Bernard Fox as Justin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mister-6 7 / 10

Elementary, Don and Tim....

Any movie that features Don Knotts as a brilliant detective and Tim Conway as his faithful assistant certainly has courage going for it.

But "Private Eyes" is better than you might expect; the setting (Biltmore Castle) is beautiful, the supporting cast (Fox in particular) is hilarious and a lot, if not all, of the gags are priceless.

Then again, what would you expect from Knotts' above-it-all air of pseudo-intelligence and Conway's endless pratfalls and an overcoat full of pigeons (don't ask)? They're two of the old-school comedians who know what's funny and never try to go further than the jokes will go.

"Private Eyes" works because Knotts and Conway are, more or less, just being themselves. Definitely a film worth seeking out.

You'll laugh. Trust me.

Seven stars. And don't drink the ink.

Reviewed by BNewby13 10 / 10

My favorite comedy since I was 8

I saw this movie for the first time when I was eight years old, and loved it from the start. Even though at the time I wasn't old enough to get all the jokes, It still had a magic around it that was clearly evident.

Tim Conway and Don Knotts provide the comic base, and are excellent comic partners. They are backed up with great performances by the crazy and somewhat odd "staff" of the couple who's murder they are investigating. This one will have you laughing from start to finish. The comedy is also good, clean humor that the entire family can laugh at.

Another great thing is that the movie also is very suspenseful, as you the viewer don't know everything until the private eyes find it out.

Reviewed by mdm-11 7 / 10

Conway & Knotts "at it again" -- Pleasant nonsense

Tim Conway & Don Knots are the definitive pair of fools. Here they are called upon to solve a double-murder. They receive their instructions from one of the victims, the "Lord" of a mysterious castle. The staff consists of various "freaks", all looking as though they are characters from a "fun house".

The slap stick (which is happening every minute throughout the film) is often so silly that belly-laughs are assured. Although predictable (we know that nothing serious could happen to our stupid heroes), the entire show is rather amusing and keeps the viewer's interest.

Tim Conway is credited as one of the writers. The DVD version includes many added features. Especially noteworthy is a full length commentary track running alongside the faded out action. Much interesting trivia is revealed about the entire production. Fans of the star comedians will enjoy this film, and the added attractions on the DVD will be a welcome bonus.

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