The Prince of Egypt


Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Ralph Fiennes as Rameses
Sandra Bullock as Miriam
Val Kilmer as Moses / God
Michelle Pfeiffer as Tzipporah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WeslyM 9 / 10

Spectacular re-telling of the Exodus

For sheer spectacle, it's tough to beat the Bible. With "The Prince of Egypt," DreamWorks makes good on its promise to deliver a state-of-the-art animated film that will compete favorably with the best Disney has to offer. As with "Antz," released earlier this year, DreamWorks has successfully resisted the temptation to populate this film with characters that can be turned into further revenue through toy sales. (I do wonder, though, if three soundtrack albums--the film's soundtrack, an "inspirational" album, and a "country" album--were really necessary.) The animation team has accomplished something truly spectacular; watching "The Prince of Egypt" is like seeing life breathed into a rich, luxurious tapestry. The Biblical story told in the books of Genesis and Exodus is followed very faithfully, with only minor changes made for dramatic reasons. The action sequences are truly exciting, overall pacing is excellent, and the miracles wrought by God are depicted with awed and respectful wonder. One truly astonishing, harrowing sequence recounts the slaughter of firstborn Hebrew children by bringing hieroglyphic drawings to life on the walls of an Egyptian temple. The voice work is especially good--Val Kilmer is fine as Moses, and Pharoah, voiced by Ralph Fiennes, positively seethes with arrogance and hubris. The storytellers wisely chose to end their tale at the climactic crossing of the Red Sea; even the delivery of the Ten Commandments is portrayed only in an epilogue vignette. (After all, the Israelites wander in the wilderness for forty years after that, and Moses ultimately is not allowed to enter the Promised Land--perhaps not the uplifting ending the filmmakers had in mind.) Some of the subject matter is dark and disturbing, and there is no shying away from the harsh realities of the original texts. By all means, see it with the children in your life--and be prepared to discuss it with them afterward.

Reviewed by blue_sea_water 10 / 10

This movie is so moving

I was in tears and all emotional when I watched this movie. It's not a movie only for Christian people to watch, I think this movie's for anyone and I definitely recommend it. I used a whole box of my Kleenex and my eyes were so red by the end of the movie I freaked out myself. Honestly, people should make more movies like this, because nowadays, it's all movies like where you forget what the movie is really about. And then couple of months later, you don't even remember if you watched the movie or not. I don't think that really makes sense there. But anyway this movie is really good! I've got the soundtrack and it's really really good, watch the movie !!!

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

Good Artwork, Good Story

The story of Moses is done here and, although not totally Biblically accurate, this is about as close as it gets in Hollywood. The inaccuracies are minor.

The artwork was fabulous when it came out in 1999. It's still very good, but animation has improved so fast in so short a time period that this is nothing special, art-wise, these day. However, it sure was when it was released just seven years ago. It's just beautiful in parts. Some of the prettiest colors I've seen on film have been in animated movies the last decade, and this is a prime example. The parting of the Red Sea in here is awesomely-done by the artists. That scene also sported the best sound in the 99-minute film.

The songs in here were nothing special but they didn't detract from the story because they were all short. Regarding the story, I only wish they had gone into detail on the plagues instead of just lumping them all together. They could have had some jaw-dropping scenes with the locusts, etc.

All-in-all a fine film and a rarity: a Biblical film that doesn't offend anyone.

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