The Preppie Connection


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 2963


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Thomas Mann as Tobias Hammel
Sam Page as Mr. Jennings
Lucy Fry as Alexis Hayes
Amy Hargreaves as Ingrid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mingsphinx 4 / 10

Rather dull

The narrative follows a predictable arc without any insight that would otherwise make it worthwhile for viewers to watch this film. There was nothing provocative or contentious offered by the flat, almost cardboard like characters. It is the kind of shallow, angst filled melodrama found in movies aimed at the young adults segment except the topic of hard drug use by teenagers is anything but because the tragedy is very real.

Derek Oatis is the person whom this movie was based off. He got away with 5 years probation and 5,000 hours of community service for selling hard drugs to teenage boys and girls. Mull over that for a while and then watch a documentary about what happens when young people become addicted to drugs. None of the people associated with the Derek Oatis case (including Derek Oatis himself) suffered any long-term consequences for what they did. They got expelled from school but then went on to lucrative and prestigious careers in law, finance, media and the like. Knowing this, is it really meaningful to make a film about the 'social injustices' of being a poor kid in a rich kid school?

Reviewed by Richard 7 / 10

Entertaining and engaging enough

I saw The Preppie Connection tonight, and found myself enjoying every bit of it. The fact that it was a true story made it an easy sell for me, but I particularly appreciate that the film makers didn't present anything fantastic or over the top. Instead, you really feel that what you are watching is probably what actually took place, no more, no less. In short, the risk the main character takes in traveling abroad for the purpose of drug trafficking is presented clearly and thoroughly for the viewer, and this serves to make the film engaging.

I've read a review elsewhere that regards the acting in this film as weak. I don't agree at all. I thought the acting was great, the kids were believable, and I especially liked the soundtrack.

To sum up, I probably wouldn't go handing out Oscars to the actors and crew, but in my opinion the film entertains all the way through, and is definitely worthwhile watching.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 7 / 10

Drugs are bad, mkay...

Movies based on a true story are always more interesting then the odd fictional movie. In The Preppie Connection it's all about a simple guy, Toby (played by Thomas Mann), that tries to fit in with the other high class students. He's secretly in love with Alex (played by Lucy Fry) and tries to impress her and her entourage by scoring weed, then cocaine, and later by smuggling the white powder from Columbia. It's an interesting and entertaining movie. The cast is well chosen and the storyline is very easy to follow. It shows what some people would do to impress others or to fit in, and it shows how cocaine can destruct a lot of lives. Certainly worth a watch.

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