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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee
Alison Brie as Lally Graham
Jesse Plemons as Roger Clark
Meryl Streep as Kay Graham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jillkeogh 1 / 10

Stunningly Bad Streep Performance

Painfully overacted. Streep made it annoyingly obvious that we were watching an actor. Her signature snootiness and dragged out inflections, pregnant pauses, hitched sentences, glasses fidgetting, head-in-hands dismay, stare-downs, etc etc etc...ugh, ugh, ugh....all contrived. In dusting off all her trademark-isms, she sinks the ship.

Dialogue so dull it can't be resurrected...not even by Hanks.

Even the suspenseful music felt contrived.

A movie trying so hard to be important....thinking it was making a big difference....taking itself so seriously that it was almost humorous.

Can't blame the film technique because ....well...Bob Odenkirk. He overcame all the bad cards he was dealt and rose above the abysmal film emerging as the best performer in the group.

Reviewed by rogier-86785 10 / 10

Spielberg in Olympic shape

It's not just the fascinating true story behind this quintessential battle for freedom of the press - coupled to freedom for women - that makes this movie outstanding. Nor is it the knockout performances of Streep, Hanks and frankly most of the other actors. Not even the message that references the governments of this era and all their wrongdoings is what really struck me. Most of all it is Spielberg his directing in ultima forma that gave me the greatest thrill. Long yet exciting shots and sequences, a perfect atmosphere of the times and super simple scenes that he directed to become almost thriller-like suspenseful... even when we already know the outcome! Yes, it has some flaws, such as the Spielberg-sugar at the end. Sure. But ultimately, this is a masterpiece.

Reviewed by bastille-852-731547 7 / 10

An Entertaining Journalism Drama From Spielberg

Spielberg's new drama about the controversial publication of the Pentagon Papers by the Washington Post and New York Times is a well-made and entertaining, albeit not perfect, film. Tom Hanks gives a thorough and enjoyable performance as Ben Bradlee, but it is Meryl Streep who truly stands out in the cast here through her role as Kay Graham. Bob Odenkirk's supporting role is also noteworthy in a very positive sense.

The film is thoroughly gripping, although it sometimes feels paced slightly clumsily through omissions of details that could have been better to include as Spielberg presents the audience with the turbulent politics of the Vietnam era that lead to the intense legal and ideological controversies surrounding the Pentagon Papers. Additionally, a rushed--albeit still very enjoyable--third act makes the viewer feel that the film's running time is a bit too short. The film is an enjoyable watch in a way that other journalism films like "All The President's Men" and "Spotlight"--while better films overall for sure--are not, but its tone is handled well throughout. If Spielberg's dramas have taught me one thing, it's that he clearly knows how to let a specific tone manifest itself throughout the course of a narrative and do that well. The film contains a few moments that feel a bit 'meh' (a very clich├ęd rather than powerful discussion of the importance of freedom of the press in the second half is one.) While it has neither the high emotional stakes and dramatic tension of "Bridge of Spies" or the clockwork precision of "Lincoln," it is still a very well-acted and entertaining film that I do recommend. 7/10

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