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Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee
Alison Brie as Lally Graham
Jesse Plemons as Roger Clark
Meryl Streep as Kay Graham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryota Nakanishi 10 / 10

Recovering Democracy of Expression:Criticising JFK is not a taboo since then!

This film tells us what filmmaking can precisely reflect the social consciousness on the most politically important issue of the nation of today. It is a typical example of realist moviemaking.

Although this film was taken place in Nixon ear during failed Vietnam war in early 1970s, this is for this Trump era. Trump is also dictating and clashing freedom of expression in media and individuals like Shinzo Abe's regime does to its domestic media.

Spielberg is the legendary master of filmmaking and socially responsible to defend the democracy of United States of America in filmmaking. Where is Ang Lee? Could you do this kind of seriously disturbs authorities' film like Mr.Spielberg did? You can't! We know that, KMT.

There are several features of this film, such as JFK was equally criticised as war maker among Nixon and predecessors who engaged covered actions to invade and destabilised other countries like South East Asian countries in this film mentioned. Criticising JFK is not a taboo since then. He was the one who conspired Bay of Pigs invasion by creating fake attack from North Vietnam.

Michael Kahn's construction of a scene in dialogue is unique that it is to carefully hide camera which takes revers cut from opposite position at the end of reverse cutting. It is a typical mark of this scene construction in editing.

This film's importance is that its defended and encouraged the media to have courage to criticise and monitor the government even under the threat from the dictatorship.

Like the tag line said: ''protecting expression of freedom of publishing is to publish.''

The Washington Post CEO and its chief editor did in Nixon's era, that is all of us need today! Japan also needs it! Why no one makes films like this?

Thank you, Mr.Spielberg! You are Mr.Hollywood! Great American artist!

Reviewed by jillkeogh 1 / 10

Stunningly Bad Streep Performance

Painfully overacted. Streep made it annoyingly obvious that we were watching an actor. Her signature snootiness and dragged out inflections, pregnant pauses, hitched sentences, glasses fidgetting, head-in-hands dismay, stare-downs, etc etc etc...ugh, ugh, ugh....all contrived. In dusting off all her trademark-isms, she sinks the ship.

Dialogue so dull it can't be resurrected...not even by Hanks.

Even the suspenseful music felt contrived.

A movie trying so hard to be important....thinking it was making a big difference....taking itself so seriously that it was almost humorous.

Can't blame the film technique because ....well...Bob Odenkirk. He overcame all the bad cards he was dealt and rose above the abysmal film emerging as the best performer in the group.

Reviewed by rogier-86785 10 / 10

Spielberg in Olympic shape

It's not just the fascinating true story behind this quintessential battle for freedom of the press - coupled to freedom for women - that makes this movie outstanding. Nor is it the knockout performances of Streep, Hanks and frankly most of the other actors. Not even the message that references the governments of this era and all their wrongdoings is what really struck me. Most of all it is Spielberg his directing in ultima forma that gave me the greatest thrill. Long yet exciting shots and sequences, a perfect atmosphere of the times and super simple scenes that he directed to become almost thriller-like suspenseful... even when we already know the outcome! Yes, it has some flaws, such as the Spielberg-sugar at the end. Sure. But ultimately, this is a masterpiece.

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