The Poseidon Adventure


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

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Gene Hackman as Reverend Scott
Leslie Nielsen as The Captain
Roddy McDowall as Acres

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Reviewed by Taylor Bowe Mcardle 8 / 10

A disaster film that keeps you on the edge of your seat

I have seen many disaster films in my day but The Poseidon Adventure is truly a film that will leave you on the edge of your seat because each moment after the being hit by a tidal wave is unpredictable. The survivors have to find a way out of the ship and a preacher (Gene Hackman) has to lead them out that becomes dangerous and often scary situations they face. Each cast member played their parts with emotion that becomes dramatic at times. All in all I thought this was better then the Titanic. I know they did a remake of this film in 2005 but as I always say, stick with the classic.

Reviewed by mcancea 10 / 10

The greatest disaster movie hands down

This is hands down the best of disaster movies and I have loved this for my whole life amd this is no aception this is with 15 academy award winners Nd being a you a never gets old movie with great characters with these movies dont usually give you. You have great story telling great fire that is all real bo effects in this movie. It's directed good and acting is good at it's overacted at times but it's still a good movie but their are flaws but it's still great I'm not iterated this film every film has its flaws and as I get older I know their are flaws but it is still great I still love this and abalutly I give this a 10/10

Reviewed by vinmtur 7 / 10

Plot implausible, quality acting

The film seems implausible to me and the plot flawed. A 90' wave is unlikely to be caused by an earthquake (yes, a vast moving mass of water, but not very high, is what causes a Tsunami, but would not be a threat to a liner in the middle of an ocean). And freak waves that high probably impossible in the med. Electricity and water equals sparks and fusing, yet everything in the film is light. However, what shines through in the script is the complex nature of the characters and the development of this and the nuances, and what really makes it watchable is the star quality of the acting.

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