The Pope of Greenwich Village


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 6672


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Mickey Rourke as Charlie
Daryl Hannah as Diane
Eric Roberts as Paulie
Burt Young as Bed Bug Eddie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by debmeyers 10 / 10

Paulie, an unforgettable character

Eric Roberts has one of the most impressive resumes I have ever seen. He practically arrived on the planet with an acting job lined up. He brought Paulie alive in a way that is so real, so raw, that I could taste the blood under his bandaged hand. Robert's character, Paulie, takes you on a wicked emotional ride with highs and lows so sensational that the viewer easily relates on a visceral level with such sensation that it is impossible not to carry Paulie around with you in your head for days afterward.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

What a hilarious performance!

Charlie (Mickey Rourke) is a slick restaurant manager who dreams of owning his own restaurant. His petty criminal cousin Paulie (Eric Roberts) is a waiter. The owner discovers Paulie stealing and fires both of them. Paulie has a scheme to break into a safe. He brings in locksmith Barney and a reluctant Charlie. A cop is killed in the heist. They steal $150k. Charlie is besides himself that Paulie kept the fact that the money belongs to mob boss Bed Bug Eddie (Burt Young) from him. Charlie's girlfriend (Daryl Hannah) tells him that she's pregnant.

Wow! What a performance! The DVD comes with supposed praises like "Explosively funny." (LA Times) and "high-voltage movie that produces tears of laughter" (NY Daily News). The problem is that the movie doesn't come with jokes. The unintentional hilarity all comes from the ridiculous over-the-top Eric Roberts performance. It is an incredible thing to behold and crazier than Al Pacino's Scarface. It almost comes off as a spoof of a gangster movie. One should see this to believe it. I almost didn't believe it.

Reviewed by zetes 7 / 10

Pretty good

Pretty entertaining, low-key crime flick. Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts play two going-nowhere punks in NYC. Roberts in particular works as a waiter in a club for gangsters and wishes he could be more like them. He overhears things, and picks up some information that he thinks could lead him and his cousin/best buddy Rourke to big money. Of course, everything goes wrong (you'd have to be nuts to try to commit a crime with nutjob Eric Roberts by your side). Rourke is a bit of an overactor, but looks extremely subtle next to Roberts. As bad an actor as Roberts is, though, there's some crazy there that always makes me kind of like his performances. Geraldine Page has a small role and got nominated for an Oscar for it. This is an example of an aging star giving a serviceable character actor performance, and it's nothing special. My choice for best in show would actually be Daryl Hannah as Rourke's girlfriend. She has a couple of really good scenes. Kenneth McMillan is also good as the Irish safe cracker Rourke and Roberts hook up with, and Rocky's Burt Young is good as the mob boss they're ripping off. M. Emmet Walsh also co-stars but doesn't get much to do.

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