The Poltergeist of Borley Forest


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xrainbowmessxmsp 1 / 10

Horrible movie,a waste of time!

I gave it a one star. It was bad. Not bad...HORRIBLE! I mean,it could've been worse,but this is probably the worst movie on Netflix i ever watched!

Let's talk about the acting first...Really,really bad. I couldn't help myself but laugh at the horrible acting. What the hell were they thinking? That was slightly bad!

There's this thing that really annoyed me,the camera man. He was too close to the actors and i could barely focus and what's happening. It was also a bit shaky.

I recognized that the audios were from a lot of other movies and games... I think one was from Kevin MacLeod!

A lot of parts didn't make sense,especially this one: When their car didn't want to turn on,they slept in the car,woke up,then went to the woods,blah blah blah,not important. The car wasn't 'working',but the next day they normally left? How? The car was not turning on! I'm not a car expert,but i'm pretty sure that when your car won't turn on,it can't just randomly be able to turn on again after a day.

That part when Paige's brother 'killed' the ghost...How though? I never knew it's possible to kill ghosts...I know this is a movie,but still! I've never saw someone kill a ghost in a movie before,i watched hundreds of horror movies and i never saw that someone killed a ghost,so that part confused me a little.

The movie was too long,i don't even know why i kept watching it,thought something interesting would happen or thought it would get better,nope. Not at all.

The special effects in the movie were really bad,like it was made with a really bad video editor.

There's a lot more stupid nonsense stuff that happened in the movie,but i think if you didn't watch the movie,you understand that it's really bad.

DO NOT WATCH IT! As i said,a waste of time!

Reviewed by Nigel P 5 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

Talented artist, college student and waitress Paige (Marina Petrano) is sitting at the edge of a forest alone, while her friends party nearby. Unhappy, she wanders off. Finding a singular piece of rope hanging from the branches of a creepy willow tree, she brushes her hand against it, and recoils at the sensation. Although clearly made with a miniscule budget, these opening scenes are moderately sinister, but not as (possibly unintentionally) frightening as Paige's parents, who we meet in the next scene. Her Dad is a slab of clich├ęs concerning studying and 'the future', and her mother adopts a sardonic, belittling tone ALL THE TIME. It's a wonder that Paige and her friends - including love interest Cooper (Nicholas Barrera) and brother Tommy (Christopher Ingle) - are as grounded as they are (at times it seems as if Cooper could be the ghost featured in the title). Paige certainly doesn't deserve to be terrorised by whatever spirit she brushed against in the woods.

This is not compelling. The slow pacing during the first half requires you to summon up interest in Paige's day-to-day life, which isn't made too difficult because she's likable. Her visitations are few and far between and consist mainly of shadows moving behind her that she doesn't see. Things aren't so dull that I was tempted to switch off or meander, because there's some nice dialogue, some performances that succeed despite the inexperience of the actors, and the definite feeling I wanted to find out where it was all heading.

At over 100 minutes, this is simply too long. Twenty of those minutes could have been pruned, which would have improved things a lot. Some scenes simply meander without adding anything. Some of the characters' dialogue is hard to make out, especially in the lengthy scenes explaining (to some extent) the mystery of Borley Woods, which is unfortunate. In contrast to tis, there's a nice twist at the end, which is perfectly executed.

As someone who wouldn't have the first idea how to make a film, I commend Stephen McKendree on his work. As a viewer, I would say that with more polish and refinement, this would have been much more consistent in its enjoyment.

Reviewed by John Duffy 1 / 10

Awful Even for a Netflix Horror Movie

Horror movies on Netflix are generally awful. But this one is especially awful. The acting is horrible, across the board, starting with the lead. Why are any of these people trying to act? Who told them "Hey it would be a good idea for you to be in a movie?" Bad advice.

I fully understand that horror movies on Netflix are bad, but I want people to keep making them, so I usually don't write critical reviews, but the people who made this piece of garbage should just stop making movies. In fact, they should stop watching movies.

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