The Physician


Action / Adventure / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 31226


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Ben Kingsley as Ibn Sina
Tom Payne as Rob Cole
Emma Rigby as Rebecca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alchemist-714-680589 9 / 10

Well shot and acted, not very true to the original story.

While this movie is well acted and beautifully shot, there are so many departures from the original story that I couldn't help feeling a little let down. It's true that to include everything written by Noah Gordon would require a mini-series (which would have been a good idea) , there are a number of things that gave the story more depth that could easily have been included. An accurate account of where Rob J Cole was born would have been a good start.

Despite these omissions The Physician is still a good watch.

For those who question the truth of this title, it's fiction, total fiction.

Reviewed by xerofig 1 / 10

Misleading & false story! Altered history to portray Muslims negatively!

Should not have ruined the facts of history & should have worked on the originality of the story! It'd have been a decent movie!

Reviewed by ana-32005 1 / 10

What a F*king joke!

No, Seriously! If you love the book like I do, this movie will make you cry! Not a single chapter is respected... none! What about Mary Cullen?? And Barber?!! WTF!! Is it even a good movie? No! The trip is just the wrong route! They made him married the wrong woman, didn't kill someone who was important to be dead for the sake of the story... It is not about being fussy!! It is plainly a whole different story but spoiling a good one! The book deserved something better!

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