The Phantom of the Opera


Action / Drama / Horror / Music / Romance

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Bill Nighy as Martin Barton
Robert Englund as Erik Destler / The Phantom
Jill Schoelen as Christine Day
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anonymous Andy (Minus_The_Beer) 6 / 10

A Nightmare at the Opera

With a story that -- even by then -- had been adapted to death, 1989's take on "The Phantom of the Opera" puts a new spin on the mythology by catering to fans of the great stab n' slash films of the era. To help seal the deal, genre icon Robert Englund -- having starred as Freddy Krueger in five "Elm Street" films by that point - - is cast in the titular role. Some creative license is taken with the source material, tinkering with the Phantom's origin and setting a slice of the action in the present, but for the most part, this is familiar terrain with a twist.

Jill Schoelen plays Christine, a burgeoning opera singer who is slightly out of tune in her time. When a stage accident sends her back in time -- to 1881 London, specifically -- she must reconcile the artist she admires most with the monster he has become. Enter Robert Englund as the Phantom. With a face that not even a mother could love, a deal with the devil gone south has forced him into the shadows. Below the opera house, he grows bitter without the fanfare afforded by his work and starts picking off cast and crew in routine fashion in an effort not only please Christine, but apparently himself as well.

Director Dwight H. Little ("Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers") gives probably his most show-y film to date. Like his previous outing with Michael Myers, "The Phantom of the Opera" attempts to build atmosphere and suspense, but is often undercut by its cookie-cutter body-count formula. Once the killing gets going, the film actually gets dull, as one gets the feeling we've seen this before. On the upside, Englund, clearly relishing the opportunity to stretch his legs here, gives a great performance that in a better context, would be downright iconic. His make-up job is a little too close to Freddy at times, but most traces of that character are gone from his performance. The film doesn't always quite work, but when it does, it's because of Englund. Worth watching to see a different spin on well-worn material and to see the lovely Jill Schoelen, whose filmography is sadly too brief. Likewise, look out for a pre-Saturday Night Live Molly Shannon as Christine's modern-day best friend. I wouldn't go singing its praises from the rafters, but I wouldn't bury it below the surface either

Reviewed by allyball-63124 8 / 10

Obviously Banking on the Broadway's Success, But Still a Great Horror Film

It's because of this version that I now know why the Phantom's disfigurement being an injury annoys me so much: because it's more painful and less ugly. In this version, Erik Destler made a pact with the devil so people would love him for his music. In return, the devil mutilated Erik's face. So the Phantom's "mask" in this version is the flesh of his many victims sewn onto his face. Yeah, if you couldn't tell from that description, this is a very violent and gory version of the story, more of a slasher film than a timeless tale of romance and horror. However, it's actually done really well. The Phantom of the Opera story surprisingly works very well as a slasher film, and I'm not even someone who likes violence. Because of the slasher film elements and Robert Englund's acting, this is actually a really great horror film. You can really feel the fear and tension in every scene, even those without violence. The visuals are also very convincing, and help the horror element. I already mentioned the Phantom's very graphic mask but the kill count in this film is also high and the deaths themselves are very gory. This film should definitely not be seen by children or younger teens, as it will likely give them nightmares. The music is also very well done. Not the songs, which are pretty forgettable but nice on the ears. I mean the background music, which fits every scene and adds tension to the scarier scenes. Speaking of scarier scenes, the ending can either be seen as ridiculous and nonsensical or insanely awesome and creepy. I am more of the latter option. Without spoiling anything, I feel the quote at the beginning of the movie is enough to excuse and even explain what that was all about. In reality though, the ending was probably put in because the movie was too short and was tacked on last minute along with the quote to try to explain it. Take it how you will I suppose. Since this is a horror film, the characters are fairly standard and do well at fulfilling their roles but aren't that interesting. So there isn't much to talk about character-wise that I haven't already mentioned. As great as this movie is though, I do feel that a few things in the movie are stolen from the Broadway, since this did come out only a few years after it and is obviously banking on it's popularity. For example, the whole "Christine's father sent the angel to Christine" plot-thread is used here and it's done really badly. Plus, the Phantom's outfit at the Masquerade is far too similar to the one in the Broadway for it not be a ripoff. When it's not stealing from Andrew Lloyd Webber, this movie is really great, if maybe a little too far from the source material. I recommend this to die- hard Phantom fans like myself or fans of the slasher sub-genre or at least of horror. For everyone else though, it can be a hard watch.

Reviewed by shanerittersbach 10 / 10

"Well, you'll Just ... Die!"

Cannon films, the company that brought cult classics such as Masters of the Universe, Missing in Action, Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2, and Lifeforce, now they bring you the best Phantom of them all!


Cannon films is probably the most underrated film studio ever! Now, i know that is quite a bold statement, but they may have several flops, and yes some downright crappy films they did produce what i and many believe to be the best Phantom of the Opera of the them all.

The 1989 film version of gaston leroux's masterpiece of a novel was a hard R-rated film that was Gory, erotic, and beautiful.

The film was directed by at the time up incoming director Dwight H. Little (Halloween 4, Anaconda's: Hunt for the Blood Orchid). The script was written by Duke Sandefur (Atlas Shrugged: Part 2) and Gerry 'o Hara (The Mummy Lives).

Phantom stars the ever talented horror aficionado Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger, Eaten Alive, Mangler, etc), who plays the titular phantom, Erik Dessler. Jill Schoelen (Stepfather, Popcorn) plays the lovely soprano and phantom's love interest Christine.

The rest of the cast includes: The ever talented Bill Nighy (Shaun of the Dead, Rango, Love Actually), a young Molly Shannon (SNL, Talladega Nights), and the very talented Lawrence Harvey (From Hell). These along with the main cast members do an extremely excellent job selling every moment of it.

The film also features some beautiful orchestral music conducted by award winning musician Misha Segal. The score of the film is beautiful and very powerful.

Other then music the film features amazing makeup effects for the titular phantom. The makeup was created by the amazingly talented Kevin Yagher (Child's Play, a Nightmare on Elm.St). Now being no stranger to the world of foam rubber, Robert Englund was more then willing to get back in the rubber. The film features one of the most beautiful makeup effects ever put on film. The makeup is so detailed and amazing.

Also, the film contains buckets of blood and carnage. There's beautiful decapitations, Wonderful stabbings, and gorgeous gore. Also, John Carl Buechler (TROLL, Ghoulish, Re-Animator) did extra makeup and gore effects for the film.

The film is wonderfully directed, splendidly crafted in music and sound, beautifully Gory. The film is a wonderful masterpiece and a personal favorite. I Love everything about this film. The acting is wonderful and Robert Englund is magnificent.The film is great and wonderfully crafted film.

The Phantom of the Opera is a great movie!

Two-Thumbs Way Up!

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