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Mark Wahlberg as Bobby Shatford
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George Clooney as Captain Billy Tyne
William Fichtner as David 'Sully' Sullivan
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Reviewed by mstomaso 8 / 10

Warning: Dramamine Recommended

Yes I know. I've heard all the complaints already. "That's not how it happened" (as if anybody really knows); "All of those events could not have co-occurred on the same boat in the same trip" (as if anybody really knows); etc. etc. Well, here's my answer - it's a movie, just a movie. Don't see a movie to learn about "what really happened" unless the film states very clearly that it is a documentary. Films are, like good books, supposed to tell you something true about people, about things that happen, and about life. They're not (even when they're placed in the documentary shoebox) necessarily about what really happened and how.

The Perfect Storm is a heavily fictionalized speculation concerning the experience of the Andrea Gayle and its crew during the 'storm of the century' in the early nineties. George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg head a fine, under-appreciated cast, as regular yankee fishermen, their friends, and family, living in the Massachussetts town of Gloucester (pronounced "Glosta" for those of you from away). Billy Tyne (Clooney) is a once legendary long-line (swordfish) captain who is down on his luck and needs a big catch to bring himself back into the fold. He and his crew set out to find that catch on exactly the wrong day, in exactly the wrong place. The second half of the film is their attempt to get home, and also incorporates Coast Guard rescue action scattered all around the Atlantic during the massive storm.

Having lived in Maine for years, and having gotten myself thoroughly immersed in the ballads of Ruth Moore and the amazing New England Maritime culture, I have to admit that I was predisposed to like this film, despite all of the issues my fellow reviewers have harped on. And no, I haven't read the book, nor do I intend to. Still, in an attempt to be somewhat objective, I gave it an 8 and I'll give it an above average recommendation, but I will also say that my inclination was to give it an 9 or a 10.

This film mixes New England fishery and sailor lore, a few scattered facts about the Andrea Gayle Story, and a lot of dramatic license, to tell a story about the heroism of the average American and their families. It is also an homage to the the New England fishing industry and its traditions. Though it is easy to mistake the real life heroes (the Coast Guard operatives who saved so many lives during that storm) for the heroes of the film, the crew of the Andrea Gayle and their loved ones are the real heroes here - in their valiant efforts to save themselves, their boat, and their catch.

The performances and the script are strong and the characters very well realized (though fictionalized). Wahlberg and Clooney are great. Clooney gives the best performance I have seen him give. Some of the smaller parts deserve special mention - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Ironside, Diane Lane and John C. Reilly are always very good (or better), but I was unexpectedly charmed by John Hawkes, William Fichtner and Janet Wright.

It is impossible to discuss this film without talking about the amazing special effects. To summarize, the first time I saw The Perfect Storm, I actually had difficulty sleeping because I felt the bed rocking to the rhythm of imaginary waves each time my eyes closed. Had I seen it in a theater, I am convinced that I would have considered popping a dramamine. Although at times exaggerated, this is the best film re-creation of sea storms I have ever seen. Every scene is thoroughly believable and marvelously detailed, even down to the weird patchiness of an incoming torrent often called "the calm before the storm".

Obviously, I liked this film. And I will give it a strong recommendation with a couple of caveats. First - if you're not somebody who appreciates New England culture and understands something of the kind of humble heroism "Glosta Men" (and women) are expected to have, you might not get it completely. Second - if you come to this looking for a story that rings true in the sense of objective history, you have come to the wrong place. Otherwise, sit back with some popcorn and somebody you love, and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

A rare disaster flick in which the effects enhance the character drama

A good example of what all popular blockbusters should be like in a perfect world: character-focused dramas, where the special effects are used to fit the storyline and not to simply make up for the lack of a storyline. THE PERFECT STORM is definitely one of the best films of 2000, which in itself was a pretty good year for movies, and works because of the characterisation and acting involved, factors which really make us care about the people in the film before putting them through their paces.

Nobody really puts a wrong foot here, whether it's George Clooney as the weather-beaten captain who won't take no for an answer, or Mark Wahlberg as a fresh-faced rookie who stays loyal to his captain through the hardest times. As well as these two, the whole load of actors playing the crew members are fine, playing refreshingly non-clichéd characters. Acting stalwarts Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Ironside also show up to lend some solid support in what is a uniformly excellent cast.

The CGI effects of huge 100 foot waves are seamlessly integrated into the actual water used on set, so that you're never less than convinced that what we see is taking place in the ocean - credibility gives this film a big plus. The pacing is slow at first, as we get introduced to the situation, but the build-up and the final battle for survival is phenomenal and breath-taking, which is what a good disaster movie should be. And all the time avoiding the typical clichés which a number of recent movies keep falling into. Also, for a mainstream film, the film is unusually downbeat in a poignant way, made all the more heart-rending due to the fact that it's a true story. THE PERFECT STORM is a film for all the family and a fine example of what a disaster movie should be; not much could be done to better it, in fact.

Reviewed by eric262003 9 / 10

One To Have A Wave Of A Good Time

Feeling guilty that I never had the chance to see it in theatres sixteen years when it was released, I had to wait until it was released on DVD before having the chance to see this gripping, but very emotionally charged film that is "The Perfect Storm". For a break from the monotony of giving away details I will without any spoilers, tell you all how I decided to watch this movie and how I'm recommending the movie community why this movie is something everyone should see this classic film.

Before purchasing this movie, I kind of for a long time overlooked it and even ignored at the notion of watching this movie for the simple reason of not caring the least. I can't say I'm the biggest George Clooney aficionado, though he's a very talented performer and even Mark Wahlberg for that matter. Suffice to say these two performers are not in this movie for the girls to go gaga for. Their physical appearance is staggeringly quite scraggy and disheveled and very overwhelmingly worn out. On a plus side there is no Hollywood-like glorification in "The Perfect Storm."

I was 15-years-old when "No-Name Storm" which was the name of "The Perfect Storm" was at the time came out back in October of 1991. At that age, weather was something that never crossed my mind. I vaguely remembered the events that happened 25 years ago except that there were three storms uniting within each other and that it was one of the scariest natural disasters in the East Coast I have ever witnessed. But there was more than just a nasty storm that erupted in the East Coast of North America than meets the eye. I didn't know that a ship was lost at sea in the midst of all this chaos. Then the book by Sebastian Junger came out and I neglected to read that as well. Then nine years later, the movie came into fruition, but the critics didn't have too much of a positive reception to it. Then after scurrying through the trailers, the documentaries and the making of the film, I was nevertheless curious to see what was the hype about this movie.

I won't give away too many spoilers because we all know how a film like this will transpire. One thing for sure, the story's main focus isn't just circled around the fishing ship known as the Andrea Gail, but about an eager weather reporter who's enthusiastic to seeing the perfect storm materialize on his radar system, some subtle love subplots, another story about another ship that was saved, and the trials and tribulations the Navy encountered that led to the Andrea Gail being swallowed by the "perfect storm".

For better understanding of the movie, I'd recommend you see the making of documentary. It was so inspiring that the crew went out of their way to film most of this movie off the coasts in Massachusetts. They even went as far to go in actual lobster and fishing boats and even took the occasional dip in eternally frozen waters to get the feeling of the cold and wetness of this awful storm. Clooney and Massachusetts' own Wahlberg got the chance to meet the locals there who have lost a family member/s who were on the Andrea Gail.

It was cool that these families were portrayed in the movie and that the studio created special effects to make every scene all the more authentic. It shows that the crew were really doing their homework here.

I suggest you all watch "The Perfect Storm." It's both technically done with no stone overturned and the the performances were very real and it shows how humans react when natural disasters hit close to home and where unity comes to life opposed to the divinity it is in our ordinary lives.

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