The Perfect Match


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 2783


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Paula Patton as Sherry
Dascha Polanco as Pressie
Kali Hawk as Karen
Robin Givens as Geneva
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mathmaniac 10 / 10

So nice!

I found this film while looking for films that feature Paula Patton (I've loved her ever since the Mission Impossible movie she was in).

This movie kind of flips the standard romance plot. I won't even say how. Much of it is kind of shorthand and cliché, in the way people make career decisions, for example, and the issues that arise. But even that is not such a problem - it all fits very neatly into the structure of the plot.

The Los Angeles locations are simply beautiful. I'm sure that there are better, higher-budget movies that include L.A. locations but the city just couldn't look better than it does here - for less money!

This is a very sweet movie that delivers much to think about. It's not deep thought, but it's enjoyable thoughts that will occur to you when the film has ended.

Reviewed by maiajay13 1 / 10


Acting: the acting is awful, throughout the entire movie, especially of the main character "Charlie". Definitely not his best work. At all. Storyline: predictable, boring, dry, unimaginative and in creative. It was tasteless and also not very humorous as was promised. Cinematography: full of errors, bad angles and awful transitions. In short, 10/10 do not recommend this movie. It was a waste of time and very cringeworthy.

Reviewed by dmayo-28425 2 / 10

Not worth your time

I am a movie goer reviewer so there will not be an in-depth a analysis of production or the like.

Advertising for this movie was quite misleading. By giving it the title 'The Perfect Match' and showing clips with Cassie and Terrence J engaging in romantic encounters, they give the impression that the focus of the movie will be them and the evolution of their relationship. However, the audience hears more about the wedding plans of supporting characters are we are supposed to believe that Cassie and Terrence J's characters actually fall in love. Let's see...they had sex in a public bathroom, also in his home, made out in a pool and he photographed her. That's about it. Now how is that he fell in love with her and was heartbroken to the point that he said damaging things to those he loved? This movie seemed like an excuse to cast 2 good looking people to make out - and one of them lacks any type of acting skills. I cannot recommend this move to anyone who desires to be entertained.

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