The Passion of the Christ


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 191918


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Monica Bellucci as Magdalen
Jim Caviezel as Jesus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by San John 10 / 10

Lifetime achievement in Cinema

Outstanding cinematography, powerful storytelling and the most important of all, the script is closely accurate to the biblical story. Darren Aronofsky's Noah and Ridley Scott's Exodus, both movies failed because they had no biblical accuracy. No doubt, Mel Gibson made a lifetime achievement in Cinema with this film ... Even if you watch it only once in your life... it is a must see.

Reviewed by John Thompson 10 / 10

I was blown away, best picture from 2000 on for sure.

I must conclude that the 7.2 rating for this movie as i am writing this is mostly due to people upset with Mel Gibson himself. The film as far as films go is a masterpiece. Truly amazing! That is saying a lot since I think most films of the past 20 years are awful. The budget for this picture was 30 million and it earned 620-700 million just in box office sales. There is a reason for that, the movie is great. If you are not religiously bound or simply anti-Gibson then you are in for a treat. 10+ stars!!

Reviewed by tabbytalley 2 / 10

Not worth it unless you're religious

As a agnostic/atheist watching this years after its release, I found it not worth the watch. While it is well shot, with a good soundtrack and acting, the plot ruins it all. It's basically two hours of watching Jesus get tortured. I understand that it's supposed to be true to the bible, but it's just not pleasant to watch. I also found Jesus's fake- looking color contacts very distracting. If you're not religious I would skip it.

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