The Pagemaster


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Macaulay Culkin as Richard Tyler
Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Dewey / The Pagemaster
Patrick Stewart as Adventure
Whoopi Goldberg as Fantasy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackcwelch23 7 / 10

A childhood favourite that should have been longer.

This was my favourite film as a kid. Being born the year it came out, I think i spent the majority of 1998 watching it as that is when my brain developed enough to remember a movie. I honestly remember sitting there in my lounge room literally wishing there would be a sequel or a longer version somewhere out there because even as a toddler there were still parts of the film frustrated the hell out of me. I wanted to see Richard at school, get better sense of his lack of friends and worried, overly cautious nature. I wanted him to have a girl he liked, or someone he wanted to impress, that he could after his adventures with the books. I wanted more Christopher Lloyd. I wanted the areas of the journey he embarked upon to go longer than about 15 minutes each, I wanted more jokes and maybe a few more characters for them to meet along the way. I also would have liked more books to pop up, maybe like action or something like that. Even just a little cameo would have been cool.

All that being said, what I was left with, I loved. More than anything. James Horner's score is easily my favourite of all time and summarises my awesome childhood. Macaulay Culkin was always my hero. I was delighted he was the star of this. It was a hell of a lot better than richie rich. Yeesh. The visuals were terrific and it really did have a sense of wonder. The very short runtime however, stopped it from being a real classic. Man oh man that was a small tragedy as a kid. It filled me with a rich sadness, because I didn't want the story to end. It did make me feel as hard as i think i ever felt as a child though, and for that, I cant fault it. Plus the bike scene made me want to jump 10 feet in the air with happiness.

Reviewed by Mathewdixon42 4 / 10

Does anyone care about the low scores?

The Pagemaster was released after 3 and a half years of work in 1994 to critical and financial failure. However I ask, does anyone care?

I saw this film a very long time ago, as a kid. I loved it back then! And I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm sure I was not the only one to grow up and be surprised by this films rampant bad reviews. Does it deserve them?

The film opens with a live action segment showing Macaulay Culkin's character and his family. Thankfully this is a short part of the film as it is relatively boring, until it reaches the Library. Here we are introduced to one of many seasoned actors in this film. We start with Christopher Lloyd, as the creepy librarian. Lloyd's performance in this minor scene is really what kick starts the better part of the film. It turns animated in less then 5 minutes from this point.

Now let's talk about the animation first, standard for the time. But very well done. It is gorgeous to look at, although somewhat bland in certain moments. The horror scenes in particular are not very interesting. It's not given enough time for real atmosphere and does not come off at all scary. The adventure section is faster paced, and even a bit longer. We get more time to appreciate the animation here. The animated sequences reach their peak during the fantasy section.

This brings me to the story line. There is one very obvious and unfortunate flaw wit this film. It is only 75 minutes long, which for an animated film may not be a problem. But for this film, they tried to cram way to much in it for a run-time this short. For starters they have classic story-lines from some of the most incredible novels of all time to work with, and very few of them are given any more than 2 to 5 minutes each. This is insulting. To hire someone as perfect as Leonard Nemoy to play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for only 5 minutes at most is a waste, pure and simple. To include Captain Ahab for less then 2 minutes is confusing to those who do not know the true mania of his character. The only one to get any semblance of screen time is Long John Silver. If they were planning to show three plots, one from each section, they failed. Too many are included here and all are unfocused. It may have worked if they chose one story for each section and stuck to it for 20 minutes each, finding better ways to include the characters. Not only do I believe that would have worked, but it would have been very unique.

So what about the humor? Meh, hit and miss. Mostly miss. Almost all miss. In fact the script mostly consists of references and repeated lines. The only truly funny one here is Patrick Stewart's character. I admit to still giggling despite my self at his "curl up with a good book" quip.

So far this movie doesn't sound all that great, so what does work in it? The actors, that's what. Christopher Lloyd, Leonard Nemoy, Frank Welker, Whoopie Goldburg, and Patrick Stewart all play their parts very well. In particular Stewart, he played the character so well that I didn't even recognize his legendary voice in the role. Now that is performing. Frank Welker is always fantastic, whether you know you are hearing him or not. Nemoy's voice is wonderful, it's just a shame we didn't hear more of it. I never really liked Macaulay Culkin. I know he was a huge deal in the early nineties, when all said and done though, I've seen far better child actors in better films over the years. Okay he's scared, what else has he to offer? Not much, he spends most of all his performances talking to himself. I've found him to be far more creepy than cute.

Alright, so far not a great review. The story is too fast and unfocused. The novel references are insulting to anyone who knows the stories well, and too vague for anyone who has not read them. I mean really, how many kids in the 90's has read Moby-Dick or The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? I did later on, but sure didn't when I was 6 years old. The acting is enjoyable, although brief. Too many big names are wasted here. The movie moves along far to quickly and spends no time finding itself or figuring out what it wants to be. It could have had a decent message behind it, but it gets lost in a sea of lazy writing and lighting speed pacing issues.

Now, before giving my final word here. I have a love for this movie, because I grew up with it.

This is the curse this movie will always have, it is only appealing to the very young. Unless they were very young the first time they saw it. To anyone else it would come across as bad for all of the reasons I've listed above.

Overall, it's too quick, actors are wasted, the lead is not appealing and it's only appealing to the very young. And worst of all, insulting to those who are familiar with the classic stories it travels through.

I still enjoy it though. 4/10.

Reviewed by nightmarelyre 3 / 10

Unremarkable Propaganda Cartoon

The Pagemaster is a live action/animation hybrid movie about a young boy (played by Macaulay Culkin) who worries a lot about the world, being obsessed with death statistics and thinking through things twice. One day the kid is sent out to the store, but runs into a thunderstorm on the way and has to seek shelter in a library, where Christopher Lloyd plays a creepy librarian that has no bearing on the plot. While waiting for the storm to stop, the kid goes on to look at the books when he slips and hits his head, and is magically transported into a alternate animated world where books come to life and he has to learn some sort of lesson about... something.

Look, the plot doesn't really matter. This film is first and foremost an attempt to try and make children read more books more than it is a coherent story. Once the kid gets transported into the magical world, he meets three anthropomorphic books with paper-thin personalities who guide him through a theme park ride of various famous book characters, where nothing feels like a cohesive narrative and none of these characters are given any sort of weight to them.

Dr. Jekyll, Ahab from Moby-Dick and Long John Silver appear but their inclusion in the story has no bearing on the plot, and gives no indication of who they are, why they do what they do or why these are considered to be classic books. Why would Dr. Jekyll drink this potion to make him into Mr. Hyde? Why is Ahab out to kill this whale? Why is Long John Silver such a legendary pirate? None of these questions are even acknowledged, it is assumed that the viewer will be so curious of these one-note displays of out of water characters that one would just go pick up the book on that alone, but I don't really feel inspired to read at all by this.

Because on top of being a confused narrative with tons of plot holes, poor pacing and very little character or meaning behind it, it's also just a bad propaganda film. When I was a kid I didn't even think about the fact that these characters were from books or that I could go read about them while watching this because nothing they did affected me or made me curious to look closer, and as an adult all it makes me want to do is hunt down better cartoons.

Then there is also the attempt at some sort of second moral about overcoming your fears or something, but it makes no sense what so ever. So, what, this kid who is already clearly suffering from anxiety hits his head and is either transported into a dimension where serial killer mad doctors, pirates, dragons and sharks are constantly trying to kill him; or suffered major brain injury and had one hell of a scary fever dream depending on how you look at it, all while his dad and other kids make fun of him for being a coward, and this is supposed to help him somehow? Or is it supposed to be about how escapism can help you cope with your fears, but only escapism in fiction books and nothing else? It's very muddled and to me at least comes off as somebody's grand-dad complaining about "them kids these days being sheltered, unlike in my day", which isn't all that inspirational.

The best thing one could say about this movie is that it has a remarkable all-star cast (albeit with less than remarkable performances at times), some decent looking animation and some flashy colors to distract kids with. However, the lack of a proper story, the manipulative attempts at shaming kids for their taste in media and a confused tone that can't decide if it's supposed to be cynical, whimsical or thrilling makes this end up as a forgettable and mildly unpleasant watch. Only recommended for the nostalgia value or for hardcore Macaulay Culkin fans.

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