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Jared Leto as Nick Lowell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Her-Excellency 10 / 10

Almost Didn't Watch It. Glad I Did.

Do you know the saying which goes: "opinions are like ...."? Well, I read a review which read: "(The Outsider) Is a Culturally Insensitive Disaster" and how this was "another missed opportunity to cast an Asian or Asian American lead". Seriously? What a rag of a magazine and what a joke of a reviewer.

To begin, there would have been no premise for the film and therefore no film had the lead (Jared Leto) not been white - it mostly revolved around this fact. Secondly, sure, just ignore the fact that practically EVERY OTHER actor/actress was Asian.

How do these "opinions" get a voice? ...Unreal.

As for the film itself, I would say it is a solid 7, but I gave it a 10 to offset the scores from people like the bobo-head who wrote the aforementioned so-called 'review'.

The Outsider starts out more or less brutishly but at a slower than usual pace, although not slow (if that makes sense) and keeps that slowish but heightened pace throughout. At the same time though, and please note the difference, it doesn't bother with a lot of filler or back-story. Pretty much everything lends to the plot. The plot is in your face and many times you can see what is coming, but the way that those things 'come' and are filmed, makes up for thinking you know what is going to happen. Leto delivers a strong performance, but the real show-stealer is Tadanobu Asano with a lesser, but still excellent performance by Kippei Shîna. (Thanks IMDb for their names :)).

Is The Outsider one of my favorite movies? No; but, a while back, sick and disgusted with the rating manipulations on this site and the fact that the site wouldn't do anything about small, independent films which were obviously skewed with fake ratings, I deleted most every one of my reviews and said I wouldn't be back (and truly, I don't believe in ratings any longer); however, I decided this movie deserves a voice which may reach someone who is looking for a well put together film about betrayal, yes, but most ardently, about love, friendship, brotherhood, family and honor.

Reviewed by JaikrishnaVS 8 / 10

Slammed by the critics, loved by us

The Outsider (Gaijin), starring Jared Leto, is the latest addition to those Netflix Originals that was slammed by most of the critics and yet turned out to be an enjoyable watch for me. This Netflix Original tries to experiment with the less talk and more acting type of storytelling which is not often seen in the genre of crime thrillers. For an out and out Jared Leto movie, The Outsider is more than 70% Japanese.

The movie follows the story of an American soldier imprisoned in post-war Japan who enters the Japanese Mob Family, Yakuza after befriending one of them while in prison. The support cast of Tadanobu Asano, Kippei Shîna and Shioli Kutsuna are amazing throughout but no gaze goes past the intensity of Nick Lowell, portrayed by Jared Leto. The intensity and honestly he brings to his character is beyond words. The story telling style and the exhaustive usage of Japanese in the movie makes it difficult to convert 'The Outsider' into a fast paced thriller that it could have been.

The way the movie ended was a bit anticlimactic and was open ended, probably with the intention of bringing out a part 2. I would go with the title 'The Insider' for part two though. I would recommend this movie to anybody who is a fan of Jared Leto and likes slow-burn crime drama's. Do not expect any classic dialogues as the dialogues itself are few and far between.

Reviewed by szearc 9 / 10

Jared Leto delivers a powerful performance

This is an awesome movie! Jared Leto delivers, great acting and beautiful cinematography. TBH there are few actors who could have delivered such impact without a ton dialogue. The story is told in details and imagery. The movie draws you in and builds a world and atmosphere through artfully delivered scenes and visuals, from the quietly and brutally violent scenes you'd expect from a movie about the yakuza, to moody night scenes and quiet conversations between brothers having a drink, to a tatoo artist artfully working on her craft. Words are used sparingly, but they have more impact that way.

At a time when films are so often overdone with spectacle, this movie was unexpectedly quiet and refreshing... The pace may be a little slow compared to alot of the ADHD generation stuff out these days, but it is artfully crafted - in much the way Blade Runner 2046 quietly creates an atmosphere and story in a fururistic cyberpunk world, this movie builds a world around the Yakuza in1950s Japan... These are great under appreciated movies that build a story through visuals and well crafted moments more than through a ton of unnecessary dialogue...

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