The Ouija Experiment


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wonderjenna123 6 / 10

Good but Not Great

It was pretty good and I really enjoyed the documentary feel. However, Shay's character was in need of some reforming. I felt her character was really weak and not well developed. Also, it did have heavy levels of predictability and some cheesiness. I also liked the part where we see things from the spirit world point of view. The ending did feel incomplete, I felt like it shouldn't have just ended with Michael dying and finding out he is a ghost. It should have built upon that and shown more into the spirit world perhaps even met up with the other characters who had died.

Reviewed by GL84 4 / 10

Really bland and dull found-footage effort

Arriving at a friends' house, an evening goofing around turns serious when they break out an Ouija board that soon begins to cause their lives to spiral out of control and forces them to realize that they may have released a terrible entity that forces them to fight to escape it.

This one wasn't all that great of an effort. What really tends to hold this one back is the fact that this one tends to turn out like so many found-footage efforts that are based on ludicrous actions taken to an extreme. This one goes for exceptionally long sequences of the friends standing around talking about nonsense for the most part, as the conversations about them waiting for approval about the film-school project for the recording, the endless scene of him trying to get her secretly on video or the rather bizarre reason for the couple to split up which is all really lame and silly the way it comes off here. These here really highlight how low-budget this one really is, as the minimalist nature of the story makes this one quite obvious what's going on here with the low-budget nature engaging in these endless, overlong scenes that go nowhere and hold up the ghost action throughout here. There are only a few such scenes here in the film since a lot of the film's run-time is held up with a variety of those long-running scenes that really do go nowhere. That's even more evident in the extended, played-out backstory that really has no need to be as long as it is trying to tell that particular story when it could've done so in a far shorter timeframe. Overall these issues here end up preventing this one from really taking off despite all the positives here. When this one finally gets around to the ghost action, they're rather fun and creepy as the continuous scenes of them constantly appearing behind people in flash-cut edits makes for a rather fun if somewhat clichéd time here, but overall the fact that something is happening with the multitude of big action scenes here definitely make these far more enjoyable. The fact that there's a lot of big alterations of the videotapes enhances this kind of stellar ghost action in the second half, and along with the strong ending twist that gives this one a great finishing move. Still, the flaws here are far more detrimental and obvious.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence and Brief Nudity.

Reviewed by brittiano 2 / 10

Boring, predictable and a joke

This movie will go on the list as one of the worst movies I've ever seen. My two friends and I started this movie hoping for a good scare yet without any high expectations, but it already lost my attention within the first 5 minutes which is an accomplishment. Overall, the plot is nowhere to be found, the acting is beyond terrible and the quality is simply painful to watch. There are several movies out there filmed by a hand-camera or a low-quality video recorder, but this was just poorly done.

The movie is about a group of people experimenting with an Ouija board in the hope of their video going viral. I believe it's safe to say that when one starts playing with an Ouija board, we all know that something bad is about to happen with ghostly figures and inexplicable 'supernatural' events because it's a horror movie after all. From this moment on, it should raise the tension for the viewer... it 'should'. Even though this movie had some so-called jump scares, as a viewer you just end up chuckling at the TV because it was either too predictable or so amateurish that it was laughable.

I don't know what the plot was intended to be, but other than seeing people running around the house at night with a camera trying to capture ghosts, or visiting a friend's place and finding out they're (surprise!) dead, I can only wonder if there was a clear plot in the first place.

I had hope for the 'climax' to turn out well, but unfortunately, even the plot-twist around the deadly mystery of your friendly neighborhood girl was already hinted to the entire movie. And even if you took a small nap during the movie and woke up right before the flashback, it would've easily been guessed that the one accused of the murder, wasn't the murderer after all.

All in all, I would definitely not recommend watching this movie. I don't even know why there is a sequel or why Netflix picked this up, but who am I to judge. 2 stars for the creepy poster and that they tried.

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