The Other Woman


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6 10 118712


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London Elise Moore as Beautiful Woman
Leslie Mann as Kate King
Cameron Diaz as Carly Whitten
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tampinator 2 / 10

Don't Waste Your Time With This Potboiler.

What an excruciating film this is, thank Christ I sort of watched it for free on TV. Every cliché in the book from the bloody annoying largest dog they could find to any opportunity to do some kind of faux girlie intoxicated squabble involving lots of garbled script. the sole thing that kept me from turning it off was to see what kind of clichéd comeuppance the two-timing husband was going to get. It certainly didn't disappoint, the ending was predictably bland. All the girls having seen off the scheming husband end up in clover one way or the other, the antihero presumably on skid row. I don't blame the acting, except Niki Minaj.....what was all that about, why was she even in this film...the guilty party was the director who's supposed to be in charge....dreadful.

Reviewed by Karen Bennett 10 / 10

Funniest movie I've seen in years

I went to this movie not expecting a lot, but thinking it would be okay. It was hilarious. I haven't seen anything this entertaining in years. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard at a movie. Cameron Diaz is starting to look a bit old to play these parts, but she pulled it off for this movie and she was fabulous in the part. Kate Upton isn't the best actress in the world, but no more than she had to act, she did fine, however, the person who made this movie was Leslie Mann. This is the first thing I've seen her in, but she was awesome. The movie was clean and it was delightful. The only downside to it was that the audience was laughing so hard, you missed some of the lines. The end of it was a little over done in my opinion, but we are talking about 2 minutes out of 100. I would strongly recommend this movie. I plan to see it again.

Reviewed by Tom Siebert 1 / 10

The Movie that Made Cameron Diaz Quit Acting

Terrible ripoff of "The First Wives Club" concept, wasting a pair of talented comediennes. Production must have been some kind of horror show, because Cameron Diaz reportedly said it was the film experience that made her never want to make another movie (she did make two more, "Sex Tape" and "Annie," films to which she was previously contracted).

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