The Oslo Diaries



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EduardoCarroccio 5 / 10

Strong bias against the Netanyahu administration

While the documentary gives much needed weight to the need for reignited communications & honest negotiation with the Israeli & Arab conflict in the West Bank & Gaza, it subliminally and unfairly condemns the current Israeli leadership as the sole responsible party for the current condition of these relations.

The duplicitous Arafat was no icon of peace, & was responsible for accelerating this bloody & horrific era in Mideastern history - he was no romantic figure!

Never loose sight of the fact that if the Israelis put down their arms, they would be annihilated, if the Arabs put down their arms, there would be peace...

Reviewed by chong_an 9 / 10

A chance for peace.

This is the story of the Oslo peace accords, from the period when it was illegal for Israelis to talk with terrorists (the PLO), to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the subsequent election win of Benjamin Netanyahu. The film is based on the diaries of the participants, interviews, historic footage, and recreations (with Kiev standing in for Oslo).

This is a fascinating film for those who want to see a high-stakes game of peace being played out, with the political backdrop of opposition anti-peace groups. Someday someone may make a similar film about the current Korean peace talks.

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