The Offence


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 4696


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Sean Connery as Detective Sergeant Johnson
Trevor Howard as Lieutenant Cartwright, Detective Superintendant
Ian Bannen as Kenneth Baxter
Peter Bowles as Detective Inspector Cameron
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 4 / 10


I saw this film on its premiere engagement at the Odeon Leicester Square.My notes indicate that I found the film overlong and repetative.I have just watched it for the first time since then and have to say that I still hold to those opinions.The climactic scene between Connery and Howard just seems to be a shouting match.A rather unpleasant film.

Reviewed by debalelay 10 / 10


This is another brilliant collaboration between Sidney Lumet and Sean Connery(and Ian Bannen); for those who read my review of The Hill I neglected to mention Bannen's contribution simply because there's so much in The Hill. Not just from Ian Bannen, but without getting sidetracked, like The Hill, this Lumet masterpiece could just as easily be a stage play; set within the confines of bare walls it is unadulterated and intense drama from start to finish. It's simple introduction setting a scene of ma no a ma no interrogation from which literally only one man will walk away-and even then, he won't leave the situation the same as he entered it.

Connery plays the macho man's man copper, no nonsense and straight to the point, whereas Bannen is articulate and softly spoken with a slimy manner, also the question of his guilt is never ascertained. The chemistry between the two actors (Connery and Bannen) is magnificent; the circumstances under which He's brought in, wondering the streets at midnight in what appears a drunken state with mud all over his trousers following the abduction and rape of a young girl who was found in a wooded area are solid reasons for questioning him. And He(Johnson) asks perfectly pertinent questions such as why Baxter doesn't want to call his wife and let her know where he is in case she's worried and why he was doing out at that time and in that state. Baxter responds with dubious answers, at first refusing to speak without a lawyer present and also insisting on giving his speaking with the Chief Inspector but Johnson presses him. There's no real case against Baxter as He's no prior record of any criminal nature but more than making a case Johnson needs to nail Baxter to purge himself of the clear sexual arousal he feels from the horrors He's witnessed in the throughout his career as a policeman. Johnson presses Baxter for answers repeatedly in a psychological duel, one minute one at the others mercy and the next the roles reversed ending in Baxter's murder at the hands of Johnson.

Going back to the pertinent questions put to Baxter by Johnson in a professional capacity, Baxter quickly see's through Johnson's persona of policeman to the vulnerable, damaged person beneath who he begins to taunt and provoke. Now, let's assume Baxter's innocent; a child has been abducted and raped and the police are questioning you for it. Whether he likes the police or not he has children of his own so why can he not appreciate the seriousness of the crime? He instead takes the opportunity to torment an already very tormented man in order to massage his ego. Why would you not just eliminate yourself from their inquiry.

At the end of this film I felt Johnson had achieved the peace of mind he was searching for by a very twisted road.

Reviewed by Somnath Bhattacharya 10 / 10

'There's someone in my head, but it's not me'

I happened to stumble upon this unrecognized masterpiece. Very few movies have actually quite managed to delve into deep human psyche, this one's that. Sean 'Bond' Connery seems to have been possessed by his character. His character's mind shows just how dangerous is the human psyche, it makes you feel it's not you somehow it takes you over and you become someone else. l years of working on crime scenes with child rape and murder, Johnson(Character) has had enough and is done with when something even more heinous shows up. His mind has seemed to arouse his interests in doing the crime that he's been working on. That's how evil a human psyche can get. Those moments between him and the accused Baxter shows.

Well, this should have been received well by fans. I'm surprised with the low votes and ratings. Such a realistic way of portraying stuff.

THE OFFENCE will surely leave you shaken.

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