The Numbers Station


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Malin Akerman as Katherine
John Cusack as Emerson Kent
Hannah Murray as Rachel Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by microbudgetproject 10 / 10

See it!

Why a 10? Acting on a high standard by all involved. Cinematography capable of setting exactly the mood needed to feel the emotional load of the writing. Writing which focuses on the past and present situations in such a well-paced outline that you don't have time to pass judgement on the character's just focus on their scene-by-scene reactions. Music and sound which works as an accompaniment to the cinematography and writing, but doesn't invade the"thinking space" of the viewer. High tech influences which create questions about current espionage techniques...interesting and provocative. Gentle character-to-character relationships between the AGENT and the BROADCASTER. Bad guys who bring a psychological rainbow to the concept of evil. Shortest possible version..."You care about these two people, and that is rare in modern writing." Go for it...especially as a late Saturday night view. I have seen it three times and notice something new and unique each time. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by stuart-432 10 / 10

How it probably is...

I have no personal experience of the dark worlds of espionage and the so-called "security" services. It has intrigued me that the supposed lives and exploits of those who inhabit those worlds have been used to such an extent in books and in films. I have always suspected that the truth is probably too nasty and too boring to make really good box office. This is a film which probably gets closer to the truth of it all than any I have seen. It might be a little bit more violent and it might over emphasise how alone those sort of people are... but it has a feeling of "reality" which is reliably absent from so many in the genre.

But that is not all. This film is so much more than a "bang, bang, woop, woop" espionage thriller. This is thanks to the writing, the setting and the performances from the actors. We start with Cusack, inhabiting a grey world with "no life outside" and Akerman tantalising... and yet neither trying nor likely to succeed in re-connecting him with "life". It's not very long and there are no seismic shifts in their surroundings... even though quite a lot of stuff does go bang. Which means that the character development... and there is quite a bit of that... rests entirely on the two leads. It's subtle so don't be embarrassed if you miss it. They do a brilliant job and it's been a long time since I was inclined to applaud.

It seems to me that this film is ultimately about redemption, primarily Cusack's but also Akerman's. If anything it's underplayed... but it's all the more effective because of that. I congratulate all those involved in making a film which allows you to care about the characters and which actually has something to say.

Reviewed by Mike Beranek 9 / 10

Darkly stylized, more a mood piece than thriller

Having read a lot of lukewarm reviews I was relieved to find myself falling for this modestly produced work set in the kind of lonely British military base my Dad spent much of his NSA career in. Operators in US signals intelligence, like the heroine here, also a civilian technician, have to function without a clue about the wider global implications of their job. It's certainly worth a story or two. True as critics point out there's not a lot of story here or even much real danger, or body count. However the bleak dimly-lit scenes and Cusack's deadpan persona leave you thinking the worst might well happen just for the hell of it! Without giving anything away the film is pretty pessimistic from start to finish really. For me it is the contemporary Noir elements, the style and the brooding moodiness that give this film merit and individuality. It is actually more realistic than sexier spy thrillers -- real espionage is brutally dull and crushingly amoral so much of the time. The Numbers Station reminded me of Retford playing the man on the spot in the bookishness-meets-CIA-treachery in Three Days of the Condor, only this time mostly in the dark....just remember - don't trust trust anyone.

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