The Neanderthal Man


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Beverly Garland as Nola Mason - waitress
Robert Easton as Danny - townsman
William Fawcett as Dr. Fairchild
Robert Bray as Tim Newcomb - cattle rancher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tavm 6 / 10

The Neanderthal Man is quite both a cheezy and dramatically entertaining B-movie

Before watching this on YouTube, I saw a video of Hotlegs' single "Neanderthal Man" which had some members of a later group called 10cc and also some scantily clad young women dancing. This horror film is pretty talky and the makeup to turn someone into the title character is pretty dreary to the modern viewer but if you're familiar with the way transformation was done in these old movies, it's quite a hoot to watch as is the way a normal tiger is suddenly made to look huge and have saber teeth in one hilarious insert! There's also some pretty women like frequent B-movie starlet Beverly Garland who looks quite gorgeous here, I must say! Overall, this was both a little cheezy and dramatically entertaining. Next, I'll watch a more modern take on caveman-in-present-time movie called Iceman...

Reviewed by Irene Hervey 6 / 10

Goofy and highly watchable old-time fun

An awful lot of people don't like this film but it has some wonderful things in it and some off the wall things too. Robert Shayne plays the mad scientist with the ever-adoring fiancee in a truly over the top fashion. In one sequence while he is ranting about being left alone (a sequence straight out of the original Frankenstein), she tousles his hair so that it goes in all directions at once and seems a total send-up of the would-be dramatic moment at hand. In addition, every time the scene shifts to the mountains and countryside an incredibly lush theme is played that seems like something out of an old Lowell Thomas documentary travelogue! In the beginning of the film there is an inexplicably jazzy score playing while a man is attacked in his car by a sabre-toothed tiger. At times we glimpse the tiger who has ordinary teeth and yet when we see it in extreme close-up after being killed or in a kind of freeze frame as it attacks a car it has its sabre teeth. In another sequence we are to believe that an ordinary cat can be turned into a sabre-toothed tiger through use of a regressive serum that takes it back to its ancestors-- at least I think that's what's going on! Despite all of these oddities the film has a clear narrative and is lively enough to hold one's interest, if just in watching out for the next oddity. One is left wondering why the neanderthal man's teeth are so bad for example when in fact ancient peoples had fine teeth when we find them usually because of their ability to chew and tear with them and keep them well honed. But this fellow seems to have set on by demented dentists. Then there is the whole theory of regression into our ancestors using an argument that brain SIZE is what is most significant, not considering that development of smaller, more effective portions of the brain might evolve over time. Instead, we get here an anti-evolution theory that is so bad it is scoffed at even by the semi-literate faculty in this film. And then Mr. Shayne tells us that in "regressing" to the neanderthal state he will be going back "one million years" when in fact neanderthalers flourished 100,000 years ago, not a million, and it is never explained why he is regressing to the neanderthal state and not some other pathway of human evolution. I had a lot of fun attempting to find what I thought were staggering gaps in the overall presentation of this film BUT I enjoyed the various goofy characters, the narrative clarity and the ability of director Dupont to keep the low-budget proceedings moving about briskly. I think if you are not too demanding, have a puff of anthropology in your background and enjoy movies made solely to entertain you'll enjoy this one. By the way, the movie was HEAVILY influenced by the Bridey Murphy phase the whole country was going through at the time this movie was made!!! An American housewife named Virginia Tighe, through hypnosis, claimed to have regressed to becoming a 19th century woman named Bridey Murphy. The whole country was taken up with the belief that we could all regress to earlier lives...and that formed the inspiration for the screenplay and the outrageous theories presented in this film.

Reviewed by a_chinn 4 / 10

Only watch for ironic camp value

Robert Shayne plays a scientist who in order to prove his theory about neanderthals being equal to humans because of brain size, develops a formula that regresses his cat to a sabertooth tiger and then also regresses his housekeeper and himself into dangerous neanderthals. Near Ed Wood levels of bad acting, writing, and direction ensure. Only watch this film for camp value, and it does certainly have that.

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