The Nanny


Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Nick Gomez as Officer Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jayq2005 2 / 10

Wait what?

Just finished watching the nanny and omg at 1st as soon as i saw xander from buffy i was like "ok" but then as the Goosebumps cinematography and the post 3d effects started showing up i because suspicious that this might not be a good movie. There are alot of plot holes and weird plot devices that somtimes seem uneccecary at times. Such as the "fairy" says lots of child fairys end up in orphanages wich made me confused because did the mother choose to live in poverty and have 2 orphaned children on purpose? Because they didnt reference her having a husband previously just that she was single and looking. She goes from wanting a nanny for 3 days tops to having one move in not because te kids like her but because the "fairy" pressures her. Another time was when she invites the guy from the bar to her house where he asks to pee and instead he goes to knock on the daughters door without the "fairy" scening him or knowing wich child is unsure about the "fairy" just lucky guess. I can meantion more but there are so many moments of "wait what" that ur head will swim with the sheer amounts of time it will happen. This movie is listed as sci-fi horror and ive heard it referenced as horror fantasy but i havent laughed so much scince i watched the movie the room. Fun to watch with friend but this is carreer ending for all involved indeed.

Reviewed by sogandkhorasani 1 / 10


The worst horror movie ever! It was like a cartoon for 3 years old childs! I just waste my time.

Reviewed by jovanzeliczema 2 / 10

Shockingly bad

This is one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen and I've seen a lot of bad ones. Bad script. Nothing makes sense. The nanny just shows up, mother knows nothing about her and she leaves her kids to her the same evening. She basically never heard of "agency" that nanny comes from but it doesn't matter. Later in the movie she meets a guy that lives in same town and had lost his daughter, yet she is the only person in town that doesn't know who he is. "Special effects" are 90's Power Rangers level bad. Everything is just awful in this movie and the only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is the small amount of suspense in the first 20 minutes. Don't watch this, people. It is not even "So bad that it's entertaining". It's insulting...

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