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Emily Blunt as Miss Piggy's Receptionist
Amy Adams as Mary
Selena Gomez as Selena Gomez
Rashida Jones as CDE Executive
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n-fernelly 3 / 10

A film about Jason Segal, not a film about the Muppets

This was a disappointment.

On the good side – I couldn't tell it wasn't Frank Oz doing the voice of Miss Piggy, and there were some giggles to be had, and some interesting celebrity cameos. I won't spoil them, but there was some good fan service in the cameos.

On the bad side – Jason Segal. Frank Oz didn't want to be involved because of the horrible script, and I totally see his point. The movie isn't a Muppet Movie. It's a Jason Segal film, staring Jason Segal, produced by Jason Segal, written by Jason Segal, and utterly dominated by Jason Segal. Jason Segal takes up more than 50% of the film, which is horrible considering there were about 40 other more interesting characters all competing for the remaining 50% of screen time. I've never heard of him before and I never want to again. Jason Segal so utterly dominates the film that the Muppets themselves are reduced to mere cameo performances in the film.

With no Frank Oz the voice of Fozzy was just peculiar. Not only unrecognizable, but occasionally slipped into being a woman's voice. Weird.

The introduced character of Walter (basically, a Muppet clone of Jason Segal) is just not interesting. I didn't care about him at all, and hated the fact that his story dominated the Muppets to the point that we just don't get any story development about the Muppets themselves.

Amy Adams, usually entertaining, is so dominated by Jason Segal that her character has no reason to be other than as a romantic object for Jason Segal. She's a bit of a non-entity in the film, sadly.

When Jason Segal isn't on the screen, this film is quite good. Sadly, he wasn't off screen all that much.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 6 / 10

he's the best friend you could ever have..

The Muppets

From all the throwback to all the cameos, The Muppets is a single minded movie that is not only for the kids but for all the fans that grew up watching them.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 8 / 10

A good Muppets comedy

Gary, Mary and Walter the puppet go to Los Angeles on vacation and visit the old Muppets Studios. They are a wreck, abandoned and forgotten by everyone, but a very rich man, Tex Richman, wishes to buy them for the oil that lays beneath them. Walter and his friends must reunite the Muppets and perform one more show to save the studios before the contract expires.

It's another movie which doesn't take itself seriously. It just wants to make you happy by all means possible. A combination of music, jokes and funny characters guarantees a very entertaining movie. Its story is dull and washed up and it doesn't have any complexity, but you don't really care. You keep watching because it makes you feel good. And that is its purpose. I would have preferred a bit more essence, a bit more drama and a bit more commitment from the actors but maybe I'm a bit too picky.

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