The Mummy Resurrected


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

Next time, don't blow the entire budget on special effects.

Before I began watching The Mummy Resurrected, I wondered how anyone could make a mummy movie with a budget of only $750,000. Then, as I watched the film I understood. Most of the money was spend on special effects (they were reasonably good and a few were very good) but there really wasn't anything left to pay for a good script or actors or a director. And, speaking of director and script, it is very odd that when I looked up this film on IMDb, I noticed that although the cast and producers were listed for the film, this is NOT the case for the director or writer. Perhaps they didn't want to have their names associated with the film—all I know is that it makes no sense to omit these two very important credits.

The film is the story of six cute co-eds who are inexplicably in Egypt and are invited along on a mummy hunt. Now considering that these young ladies don't seem to know the first thing about archeology and seem like extras from a college sorority film, I felt perplexed. Yet, somehow we are expected to believe that one of them has a long-lost archaeologist father and instead of mounting a proper expedition with SUPPLIES, appropriate clothing and Egyptologists, for instance, he takes these six cute undergraduates into the desert to look for some ancient burial site. Once there, the three guides he brought are murdered (by whom we never have any idea—as it looks like the writer forgot about this plot thread) and he and the girls just ignore this and go exploring!

Later, the girls start dying—one by one. Does the girl whose father brought them there care? Not particularly—she just wants to hang out with daddy. Nor, unfortunately, does the audience care as it took so long for these deaths to occur that you'll find your attention sadly waning. Much of it is because the ladies' reactions were so muted. I've seen women break fingernails and act more upset than these actresses when one of their friends dies. I also had to laugh because one of these well-trained and well outfitted ladies had to use her smart phone as a flashlight inside the tomb because you can only assume they forgot to bring enough flashlights for everyone! So how does it all end? Who cares?!

Let's cut to the chase--the film is quite poor. The dialog was often atrocious ('it's like I totally blacked out'), the story was often dull, the edits were occasionally poor (scenes would go from full sun to dusk and back within the same scene) and the film never really made a lot of sense. These folks also didn't really seem like actresses—more like ladies who showed up for a campus kegger and on the way got invited to appear in the film because they had nice hair and looked kinda cute.

The bottom line is that the 1932 version with Boris Karloff is a classic. See that instead.

Reviewed by MaximumMadness 1 / 10

"The Mummy Resurrected"- A cheap, soulless, lazy "mockbuster" that inspires more unintentional laughs than scares. Avoid.

Many people seem to be watching this under a false misconception, and are going in under the impression that it is connected to the popular 1999 Universal remake "The Mummy", and it's sequels/spin-offs. This is not the case. This film has nothing to do with those films- no shared cast or crew, no common story elements, not even a common studio producing this "effort." It has literally nothing to do with those films. This is what is commonly referred to as a "Mockbuster"- a low-budget film from a studio specializing in low-budget productions, which attempts to capitalize off of the success of much larger, more profitable studio films by making itself LOOK like those films through deceptive tactics like using similar titles, similar advertisements/poster designs, etc. But please know- this film and it's creators are in no way connected to or affiliated with any previous "Mummy" movie in any way.

I felt it important to get that out of the way, as the "mockbuster" trend has been a growing problem in the world of home entertainment (thanks to companies like "The Asylum" who specialize almost exclusively in making rip-off "mockbusters"), and has for at least the past decade caused an increasing amount of confusion for consumers and movie-fans.

I'll also note another important fact- "The Mummy Resurrected" is so bad... I wasn't able to make myself sit through it start-to-finish. It's cheap. Lazily constructed. Filled with flimsy scares and ludicrous amounts of padding. And dreadfully acted. Out of the 70ish-minute runtime (yes, it's only about 70 minutes, and is padded out to 80 with a prolonged opening credits and even more prolonged closing credits), I've maybe seen 40 minutes start-to-finish, before skimming through the rest on Fast-Forward.

To go over the plot is virtually pointless. You know what you're getting into plot-wise. Curse tomb, evil mummy, blah-blah-blah.

What you're really interested in are the actors, the scares, the "spooky" effects and the titular Mummy himself. And those are all drastic let-downs.

For starters, the actors (all basically unknowns) mostly fall flat. It's hard to tell if they're truly "bad actors" of if they just can't manage to build any performance from the terrible writing and direction... but they almost universally fail at connecting with the audience and building any personality. This is one of those cases of "cardboard cut-out" performances, where a plank of wood with a face drawn on it would've worked just as well on screen. But I'm not going to blame the actors for this 100%. As I said, it could very well be the product of the lousy production.

The "scares" are just dreadful. For starters, this is a remarkably boring film (mainly due to Patrick McManus' atrocious directorial choices), and the scares are all equally boring and phoned in, often being so needlessly prolonged and padded, they become unintentionally amusing as a result. (Case in point one scene, where bandages ssslllooowwwlllyyy snake along the ground and cover up a victim for what feels like a short eternity.)

The visual effects are poor. Mainly comprised of terrible CGI "sand" that looks like early area 3D-video-game graphics. It doesn't feel organic or even remotely real-to-life.

And the mummy itself is probably going to make you laugh out loud whenever it's on screen. It looks like any cheap "zombie" costume you could find in a Halloween shop, that's been wrapped up in nice, new clean gauze from a CVS pharmacy. You know you're in trouble when your 2014 film's mummy looks objectively worse than the creature from the original 1932 Boris Karloff film. Evidently, 80+ years of development in makeup effects don't mean squat if your design team is completely incompetent.

"The Mummy Resurrected" is one of the most painful entries in the "mockbuster" genre I've seen in quite some time. It's so cheap and padded, it's virtually unwatchable, and it can't even be bothered to give us even a remotely interesting mummy to look at.

This one easily earns it's 1 out of 10 rating. Are we sure this wasn't meant to be a parody or something? Because it certainly doesn't work as a serious film, and supplies more unintentional chuckles than thrills...

Reviewed by Vikas Thakur 1 / 10

New heights of the low!

This movie's gift to the world is a whole new definition to the word "Pathetic". Typing 10 lines for this review is a Herculean task. This movie (really???) is a new landmark to the fact that how low and degraded a plot, an actor, and a director can go trying to thrive on reputation of previous Mummy trilogy. A couple of special effects were kinda okay but can be completely ignored. One can give credit for that to cheap CGI effect agencies available now days. Within five minutes into the movie then skipping and fast-forwarding till the end in another 5 minutes seemed eternity. Do yourself a favor... stay away from this movie, it is so infectious it will ruin your whole day. I am running out of patience to end this ten line policy of IMDb. In fact this movie needs and can be defined in one word... Horrendous!

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