The Mummy Resurrected


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 3%
IMDb Rating 1.9 10 1271


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mlwitvliet 1 / 10

I wish they gave that 3.000.000,= to me. I would put it in a much better use

This movie learns me that I'm one of the stupid ones that believes that a movie can't be that bad as they say it is. Fortunately i saw this movie in the internet so I just spend about 10 minutes to watch the movie and conclude "Wow it really IS that bad".

The acting, the filming, the story line and the music is as cheap as it can get and if they told me it was a school project I would have believed it.

I really can't understand where the $ 3.000.000,= is spend on certainly not if you think that Cult movie "the Evil dead" from 1981 is made with a budget of $350.000,= OK, this was in another era but still!

They should have given the $ 3.000.000,= to me. I would have put a much better use to it.

Reviewed by climbingtiger957 1 / 10

spoiler alert "there are none "terrible

more of my life wasted!i truly believe when they make these films there gonna come somewhere near making a spielberg classic!its just 100% absolute trash !probably up there with the worst b movies of all didn't look to bad when it started ,that lasted about 30 seconds, from then on in it just follows a downhill trail until it arrives in a pile of crap.worst acting I've ever seen ,some sort of Egyptian hell hound with smoke shooting out of its eyes.I'm pretty sure the script was made up the day before when they went out and picked up some actors from the local boozer !sadly there were parts of the flick i missed ie when i fell into a coma or tried chewing my own leg off .seriously folks its a terrible,terrible ,pile of crap.

Reviewed by a_baron 2 / 10

The Mummy Resurrected

The vast majority of reviewers to date have given this film 1 point; one suspects this is because -1 is not permitted. Having said that, it has two things going for it. The first is that although it is rubbish, it is short rubbish, around an hour and ten minutes. The second is that the soundtrack is truly excellent, there is bundles of music at the end. Unfortunately, music of this quality belongs in a film that will do it justice, so its composers are unlikely to receive the critical acclaim they deserve.

What is so bad about this film apart from everything? Let's just mention the acting; if you were in a group of friends and one of your number was struck dead, wouldn't somebody shed a tear? Best not to mention the plot, if you can understand it.

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